pre op?

Hello everyone me again i have had a letter saying i hve  pre opp on te 15th can nyon tell me what hppens at this app pl thnk you x 

Hello. I dont know what happens lol but I would also like to know aswell as I am having my pre op this week... if they can fit me in that is xx

Hey at my preop I had blood and urine sample , weight and height done , MRSA swabs in nose and groin and sat with a nurse and did a long questionnaire regarding your health and fitness etc… Nothing to worry about …lea xxx

Thank you hun xxxx

Yep, thats about all. I also signed the legal paperwork to say I agree to the op, etc. Its nothing to worry about and is a very good time to ask lots of questions.  Good idea to write them down and take them with you.

Good luck xxx

Yes i think i am going to put a pen to paper as i will forget what  i want t say when i get there lol xxx