Pre-op- what happens?


im going in to get VAIN removed under a GA. Just wondered what happens at the pre-op app? I'm in the UK- Scotland 

The pre-op is nothing to worry about. Just a chance for them to check blood pressure, heart rate, weight and height etc. They may want to take baseline blood tests. Also some hospitals take nose and groin swabs to check for MRSA. I've had two ops recently at two different hospitals. Both have done things slightly differently. Last time they also did an ECG. Perhaps most importantly they check that you understand what is happening especially if you've already signed consent.

I hope this helps

Rachel x

Hi Rachel

Thank you for taking the time to respond :) I want this whole procedure done the waiting is rubbish! I read ur signature you're having a tough time :( good luck with your treatment plan for when it starts. :) xx