pre-op complete but feeling meh about it

hi all

my pre-op was completed today, still no surgery date but it will be in the next few weeks, oh the suspense!

i was there for about an hour, and the sister that dealt with me was nice enough but (always a but right) i would say she was general pre-op assessment sister and not one who deals with us cancer gals. So none of the questions i wanted to ask were really answered.  To begin with i think she thought i was just in for a general hysterectomy.

So i was told that on the day of surgery i will report to another department as the robot (sounds so sci fi) is in another part of the hosptial.  Also i will be just dropped off and no one can stay with me, now this is the part i'm most distressed about for some reason.  That i'll be left alone with strangers while waiting to go in for what is one of the most scariest things i'll probably encounter in life.  And i may not see a familiar face until visiting hours later that day. i know it sounds silly but in my head i thought that my partner would be able to wait with me until they took me down for surgery and when i came round i would be able to see him also.  i'm not sure if this is naive of me.  i lived in the states for 10 years and my first husband went through a series of serious operations prior to his death and i was always there when he went to surgery and then when he woke up.  Also i now think that i won't get to see my consultant until the day of surgery and i still have some questions in my head, he told me the size of the tumour but it didn't have clear margins, what does that mean if it didn't have clear margins surely they can't size it?


Also the restrictive visiting hours seem a little draconian plus my children will not be allowed to visit.

anyhoo, typing it all out knowing someone who understands will read it seems to make me feel better. and i apologize for the ramble 





I can't really give advice on the op but I know how you feel I had the cone op in june I told everyone that I wanted to go alone as I thought I be able to keep myself together and not be worrying keeping my brave face on for them but when I went IN my partner insisted on coming in with me only to be told soon as I hit the desk he had to leave I was relieved but soon as they got me in my gown and sat there what seemed to be an age 3 hours lol I so wanted someone there to hold me sitting there scared and just wanting to run out n go home now I been told I have to have a radical hysterectomy but still not going to see any docs till sept I have a million questions going on In my head n no answers I feel your pain  and upset sorry to hear of your first husband hugs pls keep me posted how you get on xxx

Hi Pat!

I felt abit fed up after my pre-op too… I even posted it on here…

I sat with the nurse for 2 hours and she talked me through everything… Good and bad… But I didn’t see my consultant… And I didn’t see him the day of my op! I saw another one that was assisting… Now he was very nice but I’d of liked to have seen my consultant! I would maybe give him a call with any questions you have?

As for waiting alone… That’s rubbish! Surely not?! I’d maybe double check?! I had my mum, dad and boyfriend sat waiting from 7:30am until I went down for my Op at 1:30pm… Then they were there when I was wheeled back upto the ward (6 and a half hours later!)
So I would definately ask someone ? I’m pretty sure he’d be able to stay with you!?

I don’t have children so that part wasn’t a problem for me… But the ward I was on didn’t allow children on there… I’m not sure of the reason? I could only guess!

All the best and take care!

Em xxx


i remember reading your post after your assessment also, i wonder why its such a deflating experience.

i'm questioning the waiting alone, i'm pretty certain thats what she said because i asked her about waiting and she said there will be a number to call. it all sounds a bit well crap doesn't it (pardon my language).  She didn't really go over the surgery with me either.  i've even looked on the hospitals website and it says there that someone can wait with you.  So in the hour since i've posted i've decided that i will make a appointment to see the consultant again, to go over the surgery and to relay my fears.  

Dizzy i will definitely be posting how i get on.  and what you've just said is my worse dread sat alone for 3 hours with my mind wondering.

and i guess once i have my date the reality will really start to hit home


i understand that they don't let children onto wards because of infection etc.

Hope all goes well for you and they let your other half in with you silly that if they don't we are grown people even if they couldn't go in the ward you think they let them wait in waiting room and let you stay with them tiyou they really need you big hugs xxx

Hey Pat,

I’m sorry you’re feeling a bit meh. My pre op was just a formality really to do all the tests to make sure I was healthy enough for the op. I had a 10 min sit down with another nurse to explain the operation and pre op drinks but that was it. I didn’t see my consultant until the morning of surgery, but had spoken to her registrar by that time and gone over it all.

Like Em I was allowed my partner in to wait with me from 7am til they took me through at 1:30pm. He had to call the ward to see when I was out though as we started the day in the theatre unit, then are sent to the gynae ward to recover.

My recovery ward was the main gynae ward so children weren’t allowed due emergency admissions for miscarriages etc taking place in the same area.

On the first day they were really relaxed about visiting hours in the evening so my partner could stay til 10pm or so. I remember being rather bemused by the lady next to me as she had a Burger King brought in!. Then I got my own room so it was even more relaxed, especially with allowing more than 3 visitors in.

I think everywhere’s a bit different in the way they run things, but it’s pretty normal to have someone wait with you before surgery. Fingers crossed they’ll let you!

I hope you get a date fixed soon and that you’re doing ok xx

Hi Pat,

I really would double check as to whether you can have someone with you. The day I had my Lletz procedure under GA was told I couldn't have anyone wait with me. They also decided to tell me that day before I went to theatre that I had cervical cancer. I didn't know for sure before that, I thought they were still checking and would know once they took the biopsy during the lletz. So I had hours on my own waiting and it was just the most awful awful experience. After that I went private and all my pre-op stuff was done the morning of my hysterectomy so I didn't have a separate appointment for this. My boyfriend and sister were there all day and when I came round in the evening. 
Do check with the hospital again. You need someone to hold your hand through this. Xxx