Pre Op assessment tomorrow

Hi eveyone

just thought I would check in. I have my pre op assessment tomorrow for my hysterectomy then hopefully I will get a date for my op and can start planning. Bit nervous and apprehensive and it's been a very emotional week telling people what's going on etc it's been a struggle.

I know how lucky I am as the hysterectomy will get rid of all the problems as the cancerous cells are so tiny but it's daunting all the same. 
When I think back to the appointment with the consultant she said that I would need to get checked after 6 months and then 18 months and that is sticking in my head as I wonder what would need checked? Does anyone have any idea or any experience? And she also said the cells that were removed would be sent away for testing and I'm also wondering why they would do that? 
If anyone has any idea I would be grateful for the input xxx

Hi Kimmy

Whatever is removed during your hysterectomy will be sent to the lab to check there are good margins and to hopefully confirm that your cancer has been fully removed. Your post op checks will probably include a chat about how you're doing, an internal examination and possibly a vault smear. You may also get some MRI scans. 

Although your cancer is, as far your medical team can be sure, very small there are no guarantees with cancer and all reasonable checks are done to give you the very best chance of a cure.  Nevertheless it sounds like your prognosis is extremely good.

Thinking back to my own diagnosis in 2017 I can empathise with  how emotional and difficult it can be to tell people.

Best wishes


Good luck Kimmy,


It looks like you have followed a similar journey to me, but I'm slightly behind. I didn't realise a hysterectomy would be planned so quickly if they had only found a small amount of cancer. I still don't know if they will recommend a hysterectomy for me or not. 


I hope today goes well. I'd be really interested to know what happens at your appointment today if you feel up to letting us know.


I'll be thinking of you xx

Hi Lemon

thanks for the mesage. Are you in England? Im in scotland and it would appear to be very different here. I think due to my age and then not having to go for checks etc, she asked if I wanted another procedure or hysterectomy and I asked what she would recommended and she said the hysterectomy as thats it gone and the end of it kind of thing.

What is happening with you right now? Hope you're doing ok xxx

Wee update...had my assessment and got all the info and now just to wait for a date for the op. Feeling quite apprehensive about it all but just have to concentrate on the feeling lucky side of it xxxx

Hi Kimmy,


Yes I'm in England. I had to wait 10 weeks from my first LLETZ for the cancer diagnosis. Was told I'd have a second LLETZ the following week, but they couldn't fit me in so it was another week.


They said it would be 4-6 weeks until I got my results from my second LLETZ as it has to go to a specialist due to being difficult to diagnose. I'm currently at 5 weeks and 2 days and haven't heard anything yet. It's sending me a little loopy.




How did your pre op go? Do you have a date now?


Sending you all my love LL

I wondered how it was going and had a look to see whether you had any new info. 

im not surprised it's sending you loopy - absolutely would me too. It must be so difficult to concentrate on anything at all 


I absolutely understand how a hysterectomy would give you more peace of mind. Interesting that you think the two countries have differing views

Hi Lemon

Gosh it sounds like such a slow process. I'm lucky I think with how quickly they have acted. 
I had my pre op and it went fine so just waiting on the date now. I've ever had surgery or anaesthetic before so I'm very nervous but I know I need to do it. It's just quite scary. 
I found calling and chasing them appeared to speed it up,  they were waiting for the next meeting to discuss the results further for me which they did. 
I have heard of someone in England who was quite far in with cancer, got it removed and basically begged for a hysterectomy as she had her children etc and they won't do it. 
Mine I think was largely My age (39) and the fact I have my family. I got the option of more treatment but she said it wouldn't necessarily mean they would get it all, mine is also CGIN, is that the same as yours? Xxx

Hi Kimmy,

I think generally everyone else on this forum has had everything go pretty quickly, bar me. :-/ 


Although, I may just be exaggerating that in my mind! But ut feels that way often.


No CGIN has been found in my case but at my last gynae oncology appointment he said that the second LLETZ would determine what kind of hysterectomy I had. Yet, I walked away feeling like hysterectomy wasn't a definite, but may be likely.

It's so confusing as the more time passes, the more everything gets mixed up in your mind and you don't know whether you're coming or going.


I'm 36 and have already had my family too. X

hiya LL

You have had such a hard time waiting.

 Did your consultant elaborate on that at all LL?

how did you feel about it, I think I might have wanted to him to explain a bit more what he meant. But I suppose they always discuss things as they go ( and include you too), which is why it is often so slow.

I hope you both are as ok as you can be and doing some nice things. 


Thanks Rebecca,


Do you mean did my consultant elaborate on the long waiting?


He said first time round they went to my local pathology lab for two weeks testing, then they felt like they wanted a second opinion so it went to another pathologist for another two weeks. They had their colposcopy MDT meetings monthly and it just missed the Feb meeting on the 12th, so had to wait to the meeting on the 15th March. At which point they decided to send it to a specialist pathologist who only deals with cervical cancer cells for a third opinion. So that was another two weeks of testing, and their oncology MDT meetings are every week on a Friday, and it fell on Easter Bank Holiday Friday, so I had to wait another week for the meeting and then the following week for my consultant appointment to be given the news.


This time round he said it would be seen by the local pathologist and then after two weeks would be sent to the specialist pathologist again for two weeks. So I was expecting my results after 4 or 5 weeks. Although I was told it could be up to 6 weeks due to the extra testing. It'll be 6 weeks this Monday and disappointingly I wasn't called by my macmillan nurse after their oncology MDT meeting today, which means it's going to be at least another week before I'm discussed again.




no I meant did he elaborate about what he said about possible hysterectomy? Just seems a strange thing to say with no explanation or firm plan ?
that's so shit that they are making you wait yet again:( it's been months and months for you. It is good they discuss these things at MDT but it just slows it down so much :( 

the results in my area are generally 6 weeks I was told, though I think maybe they say that so people don't complain. I had a letter yesterday which just said I'd had the lletz and was so stressed it was results. Silly as all results are no longer inside you, I'm going to try to look at it that way.