Pre-Op Assessment booked

well after chasing down the hospital, i wasn't yet on their system having switched from private to NHS to take advantage of the davinc robot.

I have my pre-op appointment, a week monday and i should expect a surgery date assigned to me before this.

it amused me that i had to speak to the waiting list clerk (what a job title eh) to get these details

so one more step along this road.


Full steam ahead - good luck Pat x

back from hols and the hosp phoned me asking to do the surgery next week which would have meant being in hospital on my birthday - i said no.  and am now 2nd guessing myself as they have not set a new date.

anyway i will chase at my pre-op appt on monday, which as it stands is a pre-opt for no firm surgery date !!!

What is it with hospitals and birthdays?! My surgery is booked for my birthday, but I've been waiting so long for a date god knows how long it would be if I'd said no. Hope you get your date soon