Pre Op and CT results

Hi all

i havnt posted for a few days but I'm getting nervous again as its my pre op on Monday and will also have Thursday's CT results.....I'm worried it may have picked up something the MRI hasn't and I'll need further treatment after my hysterectomy.....I'm really worried about chemo and radio and the side effects I may suffer and will I lose my hair?......I'm panicking again!!!

Im not quite sure what to expect at the pre op appointment I havnt really been told anything.....I'm also worried as I've had a bit of a cold and an awful sore throat and hope this doesn't affect my surgery date as ive heard they won't operate if your il?!!

please can anyone help me?!

thank you

love, Kelly x

Your pre-op will be pretty straight forward. At mine i had bloods taken, an ECG and a chest xray. Then a pre-op nurse asked me lots of questions ie do

you smoke, drink etc etc. She then explained the whole procedure to me and my recovery afterwards. I was given 3 sachets of pre- load drink to drink the night before and morning of my op. She gave me leaflets explaining what to bring with me on the day, some gentle exercises for afterwards etc.

I was full of cold the week of my op. I dosed myself up with cold and flu tablets and drank loads of water. Luckily the worst of it had passed by the day of my op.

good luck x

Pre op is nothing to worry about. Like Kelly says it a meet with a nurse who does basic checks, blood pressure, bloods, height and weight, swabs for mrsa, basically just checking you are fit for surgery. More faffing around that you dont really feel in the mood for but nothing scary I promise.

I had a cold before surgery, tell them and ask about how bad it needs to get before they would contemplate cancelling. It needs to be pretty serious (chest infection) before they would consider it.

Try to take one step at a time. Focus on the surgery. I know its really hard but panicking about stuff that might not even happen yet will just send you into a frenzy. There have been great posts on here about things to take to hospital. search them out as there is lots of good advice on there. And finally...good luck. 

Hi Kelly,

You sound just like me a year ago! In fact it's exactly one year since I first posted that I was "newly diagnosed and panicking" (Feeling pretty great now...quite a bit better than before the diagnosis, actually! :)). It's such a worrying time and one minute you feel in control and the next you're all over the place. As the others have said, the pre-op is nothing to be worried about and as for further treatment, it probably won't be needed and if it is, you'll deal with it. I can see you have lots of support on this forum so just keep posting when you panic, we will be here and very soon you will be far enough along the path to feel much more in control. 

As 365days says, take one step at a time. Focus on getting yourself ready for the surgery. Make sure you are eating properly (I had to resort to Complan because the anxiety played havoc with my appetite) as a body well-supplied with nutrients will cope with the surgery and healing better. Exercise or meditation (download a phone app and give it a try) should help with the panicking. If you find yourself getting into a state about "whatifs", notice that feeling and then bring your attention back to the moment. I did a lot of crochet in the lead-up to my op and still do - very soothing when I was flipping out. Keep yourself busy organising your home if you have the energy to make it easy for you when you come out of hospital. Tidy underwear drawers and easy food made my post-op life easier! If you don't have the energy, just be kind to yourself - you deserve it.

Best of luck with everything!

Kirsty xx