Hi all, been looking all over but can’t find any information on whether there is a a certain amount of time before you have your LLETZ you can’t have sex for?

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Hi I was told to wait 6 weeks

If you mean before Lletz I believe is 1 day. After Lletz depending on person but 6 weeks is about average for me was more like 8 weeks

If it is before your Lletz I believe a day, but after 6 weeks. Hope all goes well for you.

I would say 48 hours, because that is what is recommended for smear, colposcopy - the reason they might be asking you to desist, and not to put any douches or creams in, is so that after your procedure, when they biopsy the tissue, they will not get confusing results because there is other organic material alongside your cells. If you are still of fertile age I have seen some requirements to not have sex for 7 days beforehand, to make sure you’re not pregnant. Just using barrier methods of contraception is not enough.

After the LLETZ I believe you are asked to wait about 6-8 weeks, and also to go light on the exercise. You should be given a post op leaflet with all the details. IF you’ve had a lot of tissue removed they may suggest different timescales afterwards. Hope all goes well!