Pre-LLETZ question

hello everyone, I am new here and you all seem so friendly and helpful so I hope I can ask a question.

I have had abnormal bleeding for years with various tests done and clear smears so it was put down to hormones. I didn't have any abnormal bleeding whilst breastfeeding my son which my GP feels indicates that hormones may have been the issue. 

Anyway, last month I had a high grade dyskariosis smear. I had my colposcopy this week and the nurse found two small areas of abnormality and thought it was more like moderate dyskariosis. She didn't mention a CIN rating. Because we are due to go in holiday soon, she wanted to delay the LLETZ. I was in two minds as I really want this to be dealt with now and was willing to forego the holiday but she was adament I should go and treatment can wait as she thought the abnormality was pre-cancerous.

My question relates to my concern that the actual testing of the cells surely can't happen until the LLETZ has been done? Could she have been sure from looking that it wasn't cancer?

I feel terribly guilty because my parents and husband are so relieved but doubt is creeping into my mind that it could still be cancer and we will not know now until the LLETZ is done in mid-July. Just looking for some advice/reassurance/similar experiences.

Thank you so much

Hiya im no expert but have done alot of reading on here and im currently waiting for my results of my lletz after years of abnormal smear results. When they do the lletz they send what the take out to the lab to test for cin and cancer. Cancer cant be confimed without the lab tests so they dont usually say either way wether it is or not, sometimes they just say what they think as they see so many cervix i guess they must have a good idea what their looking at.

if they are happy to wait until july i would try and use this as a good sign. I know its really hard to think of positives at times like this but distaction is the best thing, try to focas on your holiday to keep your mind off of it.


If your really concerned and dont want to wait you could try phoning the hospital and speaking to a nurse and seeing if they can do it any sooner, or maybe even take biopsys for peace of mine?

Hope this helps x

Thank you so much for replying Kandi. Keeping everything crossed for your results x

Hi there,

I can tell you a couple of things from my experience which I hope will help..

Firstly, these Drs & Nurses see this every day, so they are experienced in identifying cancer & pre cancer,.You're righ tthat nothing is certain until they look at it under the microscop, but in my experience (early cancer) the doctor who performed my colposcopy knew it was cancerous as soon as he looked at it.

Secondly, cervical cancer is VERY slow growing. That means you're not at more risk by waiting a few weeks & enjoying your holiday. (I went to Ibiza with my mate knowing I had cancer & waiting for my op to rule out any spread!!).  The risk of an infection being picked up by going swimming post llez etc is more harmful than leaving cancerous cells in you for a couple of weeks!  

 I really hope your results are good - there's every infication that they will be - go enjoy yourself!


best of luck & sorry for tpyos (on iphone!)


lisagp x


Hi Lisa, thanks so much for your lovely messages. These boards really are women at their strongest, most supportive.

So pleased to see you are in the clear now x

Ps don't worry about typos - my iPhone does strange auto-corrects on this board!

Hi Hannah - I have to agree with the others. As much as it may still be on your mind during your holiday, having the LLETZ before your holiday will really limit the things you can do. I had mine before a holiday and couldn't enjoy the pool, jacuzzi, or even the large bath in the hotel room. If its very close tot the holiday, you maye even be feeling too weak to do a lot of walking around. I'd much rather have a holiday first if I was in the situation again, especially if they thought there wasn't a massive rush.

Obviously, if the anxiety is getting to you and you just want to get this treated, then go with the LLETZ first but be prepared that it will have an affect on your holiday unfortunately.

Hi Hannah, 


I was in a similar position when I went for my colposcopy - travelling to NY just a couple of days later so the consultant opted to just take some punch biopsies before LLETZ because a) he urged me to go and enjoy my trip and b) he couldn't decide if he was looking at CIN1 or 2. As others have said, I suppose if the nurse had a good sense of what she was looking at, she thought it would probably be best to do it in one fell swoop rather than take biopsies. The waiting is the real killer with this so I do feel for you, but enjoy your hols and be reassured that if they think it is likely moderate, then the very worst it's likely to be is CIN3. But these people look at cervixes all day, so I'd bet money on the nurse being right!



Hi Hannah

I'd echo Emma's comment above. I had a borderline smear result, after which I went for colposcopy. The doctor took 3 biopsies to confirm correct CIN level. I asked her at the time what she thought it would be based on looking at it and she said CIN1 or CIN2, probably parts are 1 and parts are 2.

Results came back CIN2, so yes as Emma says they look at these things all day long and can probably take a pretty good guess.

I had a LLETZ appointment for mid June but since I am on holiday the first two weeks of July, and I will be riding a motorbike, I postponed it until after I get back. The hospital didn't seem at all worried about leaving it until end of July, their only concern was that I wasn't going to ruin my holiday worrying about it.

Hope that helps, and I'm you will be absolutely fine enjoying your holiday and getting those pesky cells zapped when you return.

All the best


Hi Hannah,

I also have to agree with what everyone has mentioned above. I had the option to book my operation before I had visitors for 3 weeks or to wait until they left. I felt terribly torn when making this decision and choosing to have that unknown hanging over my head. However, I feel I definitely made the right decision to wait until their departure. After the surgery I felt pretty average for at least 2 weeks and having people visit; or in your case going on a vacation, was a huge mind diverter. I was told not to swim, take a bath, or have sex for 6 weeks! So a holiday filled with a lot of these could be a godsend before feeling bit rubbish for a while. Rubbish I mean from the emotional and physical aspects of it all.

Hope you enjoy your vacation if you decide it is the right decision for you.