Pre-Colposcopy nerves!


I had my first smear last year and had mild changes and had a colposcopy which revealed CIN1/2 and was put on yearly smears and no action was taken.

Ive just been for my smear and recieved my results yesterday which says I have high grade changes. Needless to say I feel horrendous! I dont understand how these cells have developed so quickly (less than a year) I'm also terrified in case I need to have any treatment. 

I am currently awaiting an appointment at the colposcopy clinic which will hopefully be here soon. I dont have any children but I do really want to start a family and I am so worried in case the opportunity is taken away from me.


Has anyone else been in the same situation? 


Any advice would be gratefully recieved!


Thank you 

Please don't worry!

You'll be amazed what a common thing a colposcopy and biopsy with a "loop" procedure is. Since I had mine (which I got very upset about, especially as my GP got me in to see her as an emergency to explain that my results were severely abnormal so needed to make sure I would go to the hospital!!) I have found out 6 of the ladies I work with have had the procedure once or twice in their lives and are fine! That's why everyone told me it was going to be fine but I happened to be the unlucky one out of us. You cannot do anything about it so try not to get worried. The procedure isnn't as bad as you think it will be! Also, if the worst does happen, it will be very early as it has only be a year and there are procedures that can be done in the early stages that will not stop you having a baby. There's lots go good info on this website so take some time to read some. Whatever you do, don't Google it as there is so much scary stuff you can find which will confuse you... I hope all goes well for you. Good luck x


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me! Im afraid I've already made the horrendous mistake of hitting Google and now I wish I hadn't! I do hope I'm massively over reacting but can't help but think the worst! Hopefully I'll be seen this week and fingers crossed it all be over with soon! 

Thanks again




A-ha, another night owl I see by the time of your post. I'm not sleeping either- up each night since found out til early hours...

Us ladies are a strange bunch! X