Did anyone else here have pre chemo before starting chemo/rads/brachy? If so what side effects apart from hair loss did you have? Apparently this is the new treatment for cervical cancer after a 10 year trial and I think this is what will be recommended to me.

Hiya, if you click on my name I asked a similar question and got lots of replies.

Also if you pop interlace trail in to the search bar lots of ladies kept a wee diary of how they got on.

I had the chemo but it was every three weeks instead of weekly. I lost my hair but really I wasn’t too bad otherwise xxx

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Thank you I have had a look. Just very nervous about it all. Hopefully I’ll get more information at my oncologist appointment.

Hi @emma8330, after I read a lot of articles about CC and type of treatment, I found one article that was speaking about this, prechimio before the initial treatment, was mentioned that was did a study of 2 groups of people with CC, one group received the normal treatment and the second group prechimio and normal treatment. The group that received both treatment(prechimio+normal treatment) had better results.
I think to be confortable with this is better to understand why they give you, maybe because: volum of tumor, limph node inbolved, grade of SCC grade G3, high risk.
Also in my country if is limph node involved they give you chimio + the normal treatment but the chimio is after normal treatment not before.
I hope that I help you🤗

Oh here they said the pre chemo is before rads/chemo/brachy. I do have lymph node involvement and if this treatment is offered I’m more than happy to take it, just bit nervous about side effects.

@emma8330, regarding side effects of chimio, I don’t know, I didn’t receive to do. Important is that we be good in the future, this period will pass. I think that your treatment is the best.
In 2 weeks me to I will start my treatment after radical histerectomy.