Pre cancerous cells returned

Hi ladies, 

I am due to have my check up smear on 20th May after having LLETZ treatment to remove an area of pre cancerous cells after my first smear came back showing high grade dyskaryosis. 

I have been experiencing some similar symptoms to before and I am concerned that the cells may have returned. I know this is rare but has anybody else been through this? If so, what we're the options available to you if they had returned? Or if you haven't but you know what the options could be, please can you give me some advice. 

I know it's not worth worrying about until the results come back but I'm a worrier! Sorry for the 101 questions but you ladies can help more than my friends / family as none of them have been through this. 

Thanks in advance, 

Natasha x


Hi. I’ve had three treatments and abnormal cells since 2012. Basically you will go through the colposcopy, biopsy, treatment loop until the cells are gone, or there is not much cervix left. Usually you can have up to three treatments, and then it tends to be a hysterectomy. However they will take your history and age into account. Anyway you are very early on in the process and lletz are 95% effective so please don’t worry unnecessarily. Good luck.

Thank you for your reply. It's helpful to know that you can have more than one LLETZ treatment. I hope you're ok. fingers crossed for you that you have no more abnormal readings! X