Pre cancer cells “plus” ????



I hope you can help, my mum had to have a lletz procedure after finding high grade cells in her cervix after her colonoscopy - we were then called back to the hospital in which we were told she has “pre cancerous cells plus” and that another lletz or hysterectomy was needed. 


She has an MRI scan today which they said was normal procedure but these procedures seem to me only used when cancer in confirmed in a patient. But we were never told “you have cancer”. I can’t stop overthinking this - any ideas? 


Thank you x

Hi Lenachair

I know how scary it can be when one first finds out there is a problem with the cervical cells; having to attend appointments then wait for results whillst trying to deal with a myriad of emotions and fears etc.  All I can suggest at the moment is to ask your medical team exactIy what they mean by 'pre cancerous cells plus'.  Has your Mum been assigned a named nurse to whom she can refer - if so that would be the best person to ask.

Hope all goes well with the MRI today.