Practical advice

Hi. Me again. So I have my first radiotherapy tomorrow. Will I bleed? Not sure whether to wear pads in case.
Also I know my pubic hair is going to come out. Will that start tomorrow.
Finally, showering. Can I shower daily using none perfumed soap? How about shampoo? Is normal shampoo ok

Hi Philleepa :-)
Good luck today! I don't believe that the radiotherapy will trigger a bleed but I don't know how much you are bleeding currently anyway. Probably no harm in having pads with you just in case. Normal shampoo on your head should be fine. I wasn't allowed to shower at all during therapy but that was to prevent the targets from washing off so yes, I'm sure you can shower daily using non-perfumed soap. Have a word with the hospital staff when you see them and take a long list of questions with you.

Thinking of you today
Be lucky :-)

Good luck today Philleepa. You got this x x

Thanks  X 

Hi Philleepa, 

I was allowed to shower but the hospital did recommend that I use a very gentle wash, something like Sanex which is less harsh than a lot of the soaps. They also strongly recommended moisturizing afterwards. My GP prescribed some Aqueous cream to slap on liberally after showering and when skin feels dry. Mine got a bit sore right at the very end of treatment, but soon passed. As for losing pubic hair, mine just got a bit thin, again at the end of treat end, but grew back in no time. It doesn't fall out in clumps!!

Good luck today xx

Hi, I don't know if I would be any use.

i lost all my hair through my chemo, and I mean all hair even eyelashes and eyebrows so I couldn't comment with the radio. It made me extremely sore down below and I had a lot of pains in my pubic area, it also caused me to have very painful sores.

as I was anemic before I was diagnosed I had some tablets to stop me bleeding (only one or two) and I haven't bled since. I was given these in Feb and I've still not bled. So I don't think the radio causes bleeding. It did cause me issues with my bowl which I am still dealing with every now and then. It also made my skin around my pubic area darken which can be a side effect - it does go:-).

i wasn't told not to bathe or shower as my dots that they line you up with were tattooed on - still got them