'Potentially Cancerous Cells' awaiting results....


Hi ladies,


I'm new to to the forum and wanted to post my story so far as I am driving myself mad with worry and reading everyone else's has given a little comfort so I thought maybe telling my story might help more and see if there's anyone out there with the same experience.


I am 36 and had my first smear test in far too long, I think around 6 years, at the beginning of the year, I received a text a couple of weeks ago saying I had an appointment at the hospital the following week. Panic followed, my partner and I were on our way away for a weekend together, kid free. I called the number to be told it was the women's clinic and my smear had come back abnormal. I haven't slept a full night since.


A week later on valentine's Day I went for colposcopy, consultant told me my smear had shown high grade pre cancerous cells and potentially cancerous cells and they were going to be performing the LLETZ Treatment on me today, and this was before she had even examined me. I was terrified. I barely noticed the procedure happening because I was in such a state of shock. Afterwards she said my cervix 'looked clear' but we wouldn't know for sure until the results come back in four weeks. That was 5 days ago. 


I've had very little bleeding but now suffering badly from the watery smelly discharge which is just the most awful feeling, I feel unclean no matter how much I wash and change pads/underwear and so paranoid everyone around me can smell it. I have no other infection like symptoms so I'm not concerned it's that but it's still really not nice. 


Today I went for lunch with a friend and straight after my chicken panini had to run to the toilet with diorrhea, my head is going crazy thinking is it something connected and if not does my body not think I have enough going on downstairs as it is :'(


Does anyone have any similar experiences? Any words of wisdom to help me through the wait. I have an 8 year old daughter and my partner has a 6 year old daughter, we only met two years ago and I can't help but keep thinking this could be it for me. He's trying to be Mr. Positive and I love him for it but I'm much more of a 'need to know and be ready for every possible outcome' kind of person. 


I'm going to stop rambling now, thanks for reading and look

forward to hearing from some of you.

Hello hiccupp2020

You will see from my notes below that I also had a lletz. It is a frightening time waiting for results & it does take a while to recover physically. If you are not sure whether your physical recovery is normal you could phone the hospital for advice or see your GP to make sure you haven't developed an infection. The diarrhoea could have a different cause (the panini ?!!!) but if in doubt check it out!

Hope you feel better soon. It took me about 5 weeks to completely recover physically. The anxiety is stil there but once I had results I felt better. The lletz procedure is 90 or 95% successful & removes abnormal cells. You will know more whether they have removed all cells when you get your results