potential tpe total pelvic exenteration

Hi guys. My name is Fiona. To give you a brief history of myself, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer stage 11 grade11b in august 2012, I finished treatments June 2013 I had 4chemo paxitaxol/ carboplatin. 25erbs and 3hb brachytherapy.  In august this year I was found to have a reccurance , its a tumour pproxamatly 2 cm that sits on my bladder stopping my right kidney and ureater from working........I'm incurable......however my gynea onc sent my paperwork to Marsden and they are looking into doing a pelvic exenteration, I'm having the viability op 12nov. I'm just wondering if any of you have had a tpe  ..... and if so how are you doing and what am I looking at besides a nervous emotional breakdown. I understand everyone's experience is different and that I have womb cancer not cervical, but there are very few womb cancer patients offered this op and can only find data concerning cervical cancer.  And would love to find someone who can talk/type to me. Many thanks Fiona.



Hi Fiona. A tpe is a huge op. No wonder you are having concerns and worries. I’ve no experience to offer you but didn’t want your post to go unanswered. There is a support group on Facebook called The teal ladies. There are people there who have had pe’s many members are from the usa though where it seems everything is slightly different. Sorry I can’t help more.

Hi Fiona


Im sorry to hear you have a recurrence, it's the thing we all dread.  I had a total pelvic exenteration 8 years ago following my second recurrence.  Its a big operation and takes a lot of getting used to but with some adaptions you can lead a normal life.  I am thankful I could have the operation as it did save my life.  If you want to chat or ask any questions please pm me, I am more than happy to help you in any way  I can.

Love Julie xx

I really take my hat off to you wonderful strong and brave women.



Hi Julie

How you doing? I’m due to have the Leer on the 10th jan and would love to catch up before?




Hi, Julie :)

I have this surgery on the 8th (tomorrow) & would love any advice u may have based on your experience!

Thank you!!!


Sorry I have only just seem your post. I had a total pelvic exenteration in Sep 2006, it's a big operation and takes some getting used to but you can lead a normal life. I am happy to help in any way so pm me if there's anything you would like to ask. Good luck with the operation.


Love Julie x


I had  total pelvic exenteration in 2006, I am happy to help in anyway so pm if there's anything you would like to ask. Good luck with the operation.

Love Julie x