Potential Hysterectomy from Recurrent Abnormal Smears (CC not diagnosed, awaiting most recent biopsy results)

I apologse if it seems insensitive to have posted in this forum but i hoped i may get more answers from here.

I posted a few days ago in the colposcopy forum about recurrant CIN at various grades (currently CIN 3) and not clearing HPV. I had LLETZ treatment again on Monday but it was explained that if my biopsys dont come back clear (he said something about my abnormal cells growing upwards in depth rather than outwards in diameter) or if in 6 months when i have my follow up colposcopy they have returned or things arent clear then i will need to have a hysterectomy as i do not have sufficient cervix tissue left to treat. I dont really know how to feel, im hoping for the most positive outcome and a hysterectomy not being required but im aware of the risks associted with having premature births if i chose to have more children due to my shortened cervix. 

Im not entirely sure what im trying to get at, im just writing down my thoughts but a hysterectomy without diagnosis of CC hadnt even crossed my mind as a possibility. My main thought was obviously hoping the cells hadnt progressed into CC but now im concerned about the potential of needing a hysterectomy.

If anyone has any words i would be grateful x

Hi Christine :-)

Is a trachelectomy an option? Worth asking your consultant I would have thought.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you so much for your reply Tivoli. I had never heard of a trachelectomy so I've just researched it, that definitely sounds a good option to me amd I will definitely bring it up with my consultant when I see him again fkr my results. Really hoping none of it will be necessary anyway but I feel more informed for the future incase there is any more recurring cells. Keeping my fingers crossed for clear margins and good results at the moment x