Potential Cervical Cancer Scam?

I want to ask the members of this forum if what I am about to explain could possibly be a genuine case or if it's a scam at this point. 

Last year in mid September 2017 my husband met a woman and started cheating on me with her. During Thanksgiving week that is November 2017 she told him she was diagnosed with recurrent cervical cancer. Apparently the first time she had it was when she was pregnant with her second kid about 1.5 years before that. 

With that, she has been taking thousands of dollars from him for 'medications', 'tests' etc. He has given her about 50K total at this point, all in cash. He 'broke up' with her briefly from March-July but got back to her again around mid July this year and gave her about 10K cash these past few weeks. When he went back to her in July, she told him that she still hasn't received treatment! and that she is due for her hysterectomy any time. This was around mid July but she still hasn't gotten treatment or surgery yet. She has been again taking $$$ from him on some pretext like medications for low WBC etc etc, some of which I don't even know because my husband won't disclose everything. 

I am quite certain this is a scam but my husband does not believe, even though he hasn't seen a single document or been on a single doctor's visit with her. 

What do this forum members think and how do you think I should proceed? I am divorcing my husband soon but I know he is being scammed. How can she be exposed? At least I want to equip him with all the information so maybe he can ask her the right questions or confront her. He refuses to believe she is lying. Can this forum members please advise? 

Thank you!

Get a lawyer