Post Xrays

So I had the great news that after treatment of stage 1b with radiotherapy and brachy, I have the all clear. :partying_face:

I have just received a few weeks later a request for xrays of thorax. I think this is normal, but what plays on my mind is after being given the all clear, what are the recurrence rates for CC going into the lungs etc, as I cant find any information pertaining to stage 1B and metastases after being told all clear.

Can anyone’s shed any light on this please as the points I have read up on metastases all seem to relate to later stage CC which I luckily didn’t have.

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Hi desmiffy

Pleased to hear you’ve had good news. I think there can’t be many who don’t have various concerns post treatment, especially when another check up is on the horizon.

I’m not sure about outcomes of stage 1B specifically but according to Cancer Research UK, 95% of people (in England) diagnosed with stage 1 cc will survive their cancer for 5 or more years after diagnosis:

I was initially diagnosed with stage 1B1 old Figo (1B2 new Figo) but this changed to 2A1 following my my post RH histology. It was only 2-3 years post treatment that my oncologist said he was ‘cautiously optimistic that the treatment had worked’. I was discharged from my 5 year follow up earlier this year and tend to think of my outcome to date as ‘no evidence of disease’ (NED) rather than ‘all clear’


Thanks. Yes, NED was used already, forgot to say had RH as well. Am in spain so terms get a bit mixed now and again.

I guess the nervousness comes from knowing the first 2 years are sort of key, although I think after being through this, I would never say never again and think anything will ever be 100% again.

Did you have xrays too? Apart from this, all I have lined up so far is back to the radiologist for a check-up in March.

My routine checks included a couple of MRIs about 10 weeks and 10 months post treatment. I was told I would also have an MRI about 3.5 years post treatment but for some reason (not sure exactly why) I ended up having a CT-scan instead.