Post Treatment Thrush?

Hi posting for my wife Vivien.

Vivien had a diagnosis of stage 3c Cervical Cancer March 2022.
Treatment started in early May with 6 weeks of Radiotherapy, 3 of Chemotherapy and 3 Braccatherpy.
Vivien 70 looked and recovered well with few side effects. When it came to her first check up in September the Oncologists was very pleased with the results but suggested a further appointment with a Gynecologist as there was a small white area at the very top of her Vagina that she was concerned with. However the Gynecologist examination caused no concern and said no signs of Cancer and everything looked excellent.
Three months on and a further check today shows that the white patch at the top of her Vagina is now slightly larger ! The oncologist thought that it was probably Thrush as Vivian has some of the symptoms. A new appointment has now been made to see the Gynecologist.
Vivien has now got treatment for Thrush, but is this common after the Cancer treatment Vivian has had?