Post treatment sex worries

Hi everyone

I finished chemo and radio in September and had a clear MRI and all clear two weeks ago. I’m over the moon, however just a couple of worries.

I still get discharge, no where near as bad but it’s still there. Consultant said its normal but I just wonder what amount is normal and for how long.

Also I have had sexy three times and each time there has been bleeding, not massive amounts but enough to stain the sheets a little and I bleed a bit after. Again consultant said to expect bleeding but I am not sure how much a normal.

Does anyone have any advice or experiences to share.

I know I should ask the nurse again but I just feel they think I’m a pest who worries all the time.



Hi Kimmy :-)

Don't ever think that you are a pest or that asking nurses is in any way a bad thing to do. They are medical professionals and that is their job! They want you to be well and happy and they want to do whatever they can to set your mind at rest. I'm sure they'd hate to think that you were fretting and not asking them.

Be lucky :-)


I wanted to echo what has been said - you must ask a nurse, just for reassurance, you're not a pest and you deserve first class treatment!


Ruthie xx


Can't answer about the discharge as did not have any after treatment but a bit of spotting, slight bleeding after sex or after using the dilator in the early months is normal as there will scar tissues in that area.

Please speak to your CNS though and describe exactly the amount of discharge and bleeding you are getting.


Big hugs,