Post treatment sex worries

Hi everyone

I finished chemo and radio in September and had a clear MRI and all clear two weeks ago. I’m over the moon, however just a couple of worries.

I still get discharge, no where near as bad but it’s still there. Consultant said its normal but I just wonder what amount is normal and for how long.

Also I have had sexy three times and each time there has been bleeding, not massive amounts but enough to stain the sheets a little and I bleed a bit after. Again consultant said to expect bleeding but I am not sure how much a normal.

Does anyone have any advice or experiences to share.

I know I should ask the nurse again but I just feel they think I’m a pest who worries all the time.



I had a radical tractalomy Oct 2014 and I still bleed after intercourse, my consultant said its from a bit that hasn't healed properly he's tryed dif things still nothing has helped. If u don't have a appointment again soon ring and them, I find going to go can get u seen quicker. Hope u get sorted soon xxx