Post treatment pet scan results NED

So I had my 3 month post treatment pet scan done last week, I had my appointment today 11/13/19 with my radiation dr for results. He told me the scan came back good, my 6 cm tumor was gone and there was no swollen lymph nodes and that I was CANCER FREE. I have a little pocket of fluid in my pelvic region which he said was not sinister and was most likely from my lymph node removal surgery and should dissolve in time. I have a pelvic exam next week with my gynecologist oncologist and then I guess I get a 3 month break and have to get another pelvic exam and mri. My dr said for the first 2 years I’ll be getting a mri every 3 months, which made me a little sad . I hate mri’s and it just made me feel like a cancer patients job isn’t truly done. I’ve been having menopause symptoms since my treatment ended but he said I should give it at least another 3 months before I do any tests for that or think about hrt .my brachytherapy dr made it seem like I should get on hrt pretty quick, so I’m curious to hear what my gynecologist oncologist has to say . Sometimes it gets confusing having so many drs especially when they have different opinions it gets confusing and stressful. The hardest part has definitely been the loss of fertility and never had children , I also had a lot of guilt towards myself for waiting 6 years between my last Pap smear. But I’ve been working through it and realize I can’t change the past and I need to move forward and try to get on in with my life. I’m so glad to be done with treatment and it be accompanied by good results, I can’t wait to get my exam out the way and enjoy these 3 months break and enjoy my holidays.i feel like with time it has gotten easier, almost feels like a bad dream and I hope the more time that goes by the easier it will get. It’s been a rough year for me my journey started in January and I’m glad it’s almost time to start a new year , a fresh new year! If anybody is having a bad day or a tough time during treatment, just know the sadness doesn’t last forever.there’s a light at the end of the tunnel or a rainbow at the end of the storm.

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Doing a happy dance for you ❤️❤️❤️



Amazing news congratulations! I hope you're treating yourself to something nice to celebrate xx

Fantastic news and s very positive post for all of us. Congratulations xx

Brilliant news. I asked my doctor for PET scan but was told they don't offer routine PET scans just mri and ct due to overload of radiation. So frustrating how some trusts do it different. I'd much rather know it's gone! Hope you are celebrating xx

Whoop whoop!!!! 

Fantastic!!! I shall be toasting you later!! You have been such a wonderful support to so many people I am so very happy that you have such joyous news to share! 

I hope you can get back to enjoying life and make the end of this crappy year so much better than the start xxx 

massive hugs and so much love, 

emma xx 

Thank you so much guys, hi Emmz hope you're doing good and had a good trip.

Hey lovely, 

I’m doing ok, I had to step away from all things cc related whilst away coz I just wanted to try and have some normality back. But now I’m back to reality with a bang, just trying to get through each day without driving myself insane with every twinge, ache and pain lol 

How’s you? I hope you had a nice celebration. 

Love emma xx

I'm doing good, it's been getting easier. I still have this anxious feeling for some reason, I guess the thought of knowing I'm never truly finished and wondering what I'm gonna have to do with my menopause. I went out to dinner and had a good time, I plan on having a family get together next weekend and have a good time.glad you're doing good!

Brilliant news! I’m delighted for you.



Thank you, Lotty

Love these positive stories. Delighted for you Rissag. Hope you continue to improve every day.

x Maria

Thank you Maria, i hope you brachytherapy went smoothly and your doing good!

Had a really difficult time with brachytherapy with completely ineffective pain relief. It's on my mind way too much at the moment but I hope that will get less as time goes on. Oncologist said she was really happy with how the tumour responded to treatment (this was before brachy) and the radiologist said he was really happy (after brachy) so trying to hold onto the positive vibes until my 1st scan. 

X Maria

Yes hold onto those positive vibes, so sorry to hear your brachytherapy wasn't comfortable. It will get easier with time, will feel like u had a bad dream.i think it will probably get easier for u once u start work too, help u get your mind off things . I kinda wish I had been working before so I had something to go back to, but right now I don't feel like I'm mentally prepared to start a new job. I'll probably wait some more months.try doing some things you enjoy or hanging out with some family and friends, for me it started making me feel a little  normal again , like my old self. Wishing you health and happiness!

Congratulations x

Thanks Rissage, 

I have family visiting from Ireland this weekend and I'm going into work the week after for our Christmas lunch. It will be nice to catch up with everyone before I hopefully go back in January. And yes, I do think work will take my mind off all things cancer. We'll get there :) xx


55. Thank you.