Post treatment pelvic pain

I’m about a month and a half post treatment 5 chemo sessions and 25 radiation treatments. I did not require brachytherapy. I’m currently experiencing pelvic / lower abdomen discomfort which is new. I started exercising and lifting “heavy” again. Not sure if the discomfort is related to muscles that are very weak and damaged from surgery and treatment or if I should be concerned. Anyone else experience this?

Some pain is normal post treatment. It usually gets the worse in the 3rd to 4th week before it starts to get better. As long as you don’t have bleeding you should be ok.

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If you don’t mind me asking. What stage were you and is there a reason you didn’t have to get bracky?

@Faith1980 i was originally 1B. After hysterectomy pathology showed spread to parametrium - so then 2b. My margins were “widely negative” and apparently brachy “wouldnt reach” where the cancer was (margin near top of vagina was negative). They instead gave some “extra external radiation” to where the nodules were found in the parametrium.

Sorry to jump in, I was 1b1, had surgery over a year ago now and staging stayed the same, no further treatment. I asked for a copy of my report and have been going through this recently, and saw a mention of a nodule in my parametrium, but the results say no parametrial involvement, I’m so confused. Doesn’t this mean I should’ve been restaged and required more treatment?

I can’t answer that for certain, but I would definitely follow up on that. I was found to have two microscopic nodules which required my additional treatment. I suppose a nodule can be benign but it’s a good question to ask your surgeon

Thank you! I will give them a call tomorrow. Worryingly I have been having pain in my back/hip/leg since 6 months out from surgery and it’s not being taken seriously.

How are you doing now? Xx

I think I am doing well! I still have some little pains here and there, but I had surgery in December and finished treatment March 1 so everything is still very fresh. I have my first f/u appt and Pet scan this week.

It takes a while to come to terms with, I will keep everything crossed for your PET and that you get your results back quickly xx

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I hope you get a reassuring response from your provider. I’m sure they know what they are doing!

Thank you!

Hey lovely. I didn’t start exercising with weights until 3 months post treatment. If you were anything like me I dropped 11kg so I have zero muscle strength so everything ached and caused discomfort.

I still have general aches and pains 6 months on thanks to menopause.

I actually maintained my weight. I think I’m just trying to get back to some things too soon. Our bodies need time to recover. I’ve “slowed down” with some things and it’s been helping! Thank you for the reply!!

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