Post treatment pains

Hi everyone I am quite new here as I stayed away from forums I was a bit anxious to join.
I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer back in Feb 2023 it broke me! I lost my mum to cancer on Christmas Day 2021, lungs cancer.
I am so scared and worried, really not the same person I was, I would say.
I have had surgery in March 2023, all went well. I received a call to come for meeting with my consultant , I started to cry strait away as I knew something was not right. I was told that they have found cancer in my lymph nodes. I went though 5 chemo, 25 radiotherapies and 2 brachytherapies, the treatment ended September 2023. I am going for my fallow up scan end of Jan. I am so scared.
I wanted to ask if it’s normal to have lower back pains, and I do feel tired all the time still. I also have very sensitive skin around my private parts. I also noticed that my hands feel stiff in the morning, I was told that chemo also damages the nerves.
Think you

Hi Donna

Took me a while to join forums as well :face_with_peeking_eye:

One of my biggest problems shortly after completing treatment (similar to yours in 2017) was lower back pain. I saw my GP who examined me and thought the problem was musculoskeletal: in my case muscle weakness due to my reduced physical activity during treatment. After an X-ray, which came back normal, I was referred for physiotherapy which helped a lot.

I also have a tendency to sensitive skin aroung my private parts. It was diagnosed as menopause related vulvo-vaginal atrophy; a prescription for topical oestrogen cream has resulted ina significant improvement.

My understanding of one of the possible long term effects of chemotherapy is peripheral neuropathy which manifests as numbness or tingling in the hands and feet. I don’t know whether chemo can cause stiffness in the hands.

We’re all different and the above is just my personal experience. I suggest calling your clinical nurse specialist who should be able to advise or arrange an urgent appointment if required. I called my CNS several times over the first couple of years following my treatment.


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Thank you so much for your reply I do appreciate it.
I have had lower back pain for a while get worse sometimes. I went to see GP today they referred me for X Ray xx

Hi Dona and big welcome hugs. So sorry to hear about your loss.

Currently, 9/10 weeks post treatment. I have full body aches and pains but lower back in particular.

In the mornings even the soles of my feet hurt until I start moving. The only thing I can compare it to is like doing a very hard workout and waking up with doms.

I am starting physical therapy Thursday to help because I was barely moving during treatment and lost so much weight.

Everyone is different but one thing I’d suggest is looking at a physical therapy as well as medical :smile:

Oh I should say I have my scans in January also and I find out my result on 20th Feb. Trying hard not to think about it so I have a lot of fun stuff planned before to take my mind off it x

Peachy x

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Thank you yes I am the same, thinking of booking a break mid February to treat myself.
Is just so much to worry about! I think we have finished the treatment similar times. I hope you results will be all good :pray: xx

First off sorry you’re in this club and so sad youv’e had to go through all of this on top of losing your mum. I had lymph node involvement and lung mets. I went through simalar treatment to you,just an extra chemo. Lower back pain is quite normal and my hands(chemo hands) are so painful some days and i have nerve damage to my feet aswell. My hand pain makes life a bit more difficult as i’m a chef.Stiffness i hands is normal,i’ve been told i will always have that now as it’s been going on for sometime. I soak my hands in warm water to relieve the pain and stiffness.
The main thing for all of us in this club,is to try(i know thats hard) not to over think things about scan’s etc and most of all do try and stay positive. I lost someone close to me through lung cancer,so i know it make’s your mind go into throught over drive!! Good throught’s and pray’s being sent to
you. Xxxxxx

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Thank you so much! I am sending prayers back to you xx