post-treatment MRI abnormalities

I had my 1st MRI scan 1year post-treatment back in October and was initially told by the consultant that it was all clear. I have been concerned as have had a few symptoms suggestive of cervical stenosis and so my consultant suggested asking the radiologist to re-look at my MRI with regards to the diameter of my cervical canal to see if i require a dilation, as we have been hoping to start a family if the colposcopy results come back as normal and so didn’t want to wait the usual 9months to see if there are problems.
i had a letter through yesterday asking me to go back into clinic to discuss my MRI, the report apparently doesn’t comment at all on the possibility of stenosis at all as requested, instead it mentions that the glands in my groin are slightly enlarged and that they are unsure of the significance of this. i have to go to clinic on wed to discuss this further and then will have an ultrasound guided needle aspirate.
Im not concerned about having the procedure done, but i don’t understand why my glands would be enlarged? the consultant knows that i have lymph oedema in my groin, and I’m hoping that its related to that and they are just being cautious? i was under the impression after my initial surgery that i had had a total lymph node dissection and had a total of 20nodes removed- all of which were negative. is it possible that they have missed some, and now my cancer has spread?
i think I’m probably getting a bit ahead of myself, but i didn’t see this coming, and there were no abnormalities on my original MRI last year as my cancer was micro invasive and so wasn’t apparent on the scan int he first place, just picked up after a regular smear.
appreciate any insight anyone has

Hi Amy,

I expect that it's absolutely nothing to worry about and that they are simply being ultra cautious. The MRI will pick up extremely tiny changes in all sorts of things. We are very complex organisms and have tiny changes going on all the time normally. It's simply that as a post-cancer patient every tiny change has to be investigated. I think about half of my post treatment scans have shown up something that required further investigation which then turned out to be nothing to worry about. I would expect that if 20 lymph nodes were all found to be negative it is extremely unlikely that they missed a positive one.

Be lucky :-)

Thanks for your reply, I feel a lot better knowing that you've had abnormalities that have turned out to be nothing of concern, I think deep down I know that it's probably nothing and that the doctors have to look into everything just in case. I was just a bit panicked as I was completely blindsided by the initial diagnosis and so want to be prepared. xx