Post treatment feeling guilty!

I know this might sound so stupid and trust me I do feel a bit daft but so over whelmingly lucky but I was diagnosed with stage 1a1 I had a failed llets and then a punch biopsy which succesfully removed the cc. and thats that, the end of treatment!! Obviously I'm over the moon to be finished with treatment and i know I am so lucky it's just taken an operation to make me well again. I just feel so guilty like having cancer and coming out the other side with no radiotherapy and chemotherapy the only way I can describe it is like I've cheated cancer! Like I say I know I'm extremely lucky I just can't shrug this feeling and the worry if it comes back I won't be so lucky. Sorry for the rant just needed to get it off my chest to people that hopefully understand Xxx

I felt exactly the same although I chose to have a hysterectomy, I think following a cancer diagnosis its normal! Congrats at being cancer free! Xxx


I know what you mean. I had a hysterectomy and haven't needed any other treatment, so I've never thought too much about the cancer, it was all about the surgery for me as I had never been in hospital before.

Now that the surgery is done I feel like the whole thing is over, could be a bit complacent of me but I don't want to spend the next few years worrying from one appointment to the next.

Hi Greta

I am 8 days post op just wondering did j have bleeding amd how long it lasted??? Have my appointment next week to find out how surgery went but am positive. 


Hi Sarah :-)

I do know just how you feel, I felt really guilty about moaning about the mess of my post-hysterectomy abdomen to my friend who's husband died suddenly from cancer only five months after their wedding. She explained it to me like this; some people are lucky, some less lucky, and some downright unlucky, but none of us, not a single one should feel guilty because we have got off comparitively lightly. How many people without ever having had a cancer diagnosis feel guilty about that? Are we all supposed to die young just to not feel guilty? What would be the point of researching for a cure?

No! You must not feel guilty, you are a poster-girl for the fact that research and study is making survival more and more common and the world a safer place for all of us.

Be lucky :-)

I think it's called 'survivors guilt '.


i had bowel cancer and had my whole colon removed, temporary ileostomy and finally a J-pouch. I didn't need chemo and was so very grateful.


I have just had a radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymph node clearance and have again been told I am unlikely to need chemo, and they were also able to preserve my small intestine pouch created after my first cancer diagnosis .


I don't feel guilty - I feel blessed, lucky, to have a positive in amongst all the negative is a true gift. You being lucky doesn't mean someone else was unlucky! just count your blessings !