Post treatment - cystitus/digestion

I am one year post treatment for stage 2b cervical cancer. Since the radiotherapy/chemo/bracytherapy (no hysterectomy) I have had symptoms similar to cystitus. The Doctors have said that it will eventually heal itself, but after a year there is no improvement. I would be grateful to hear from anyone else who has experienced this problem.

I'm also seeking advice on anyone who has suffered digestive problems (weight loss), loose bowls, stomach cramps etc.....weakness and depression?

Recent scans have thankfully shown no progression of the disease.

Many thanks.



Hi Lorraine, I´ve sent you a private message x

Hi Lorraine,

I had some wicked depression, hoping the cancer would return and kill me. I got some really good counselling, had to go to UK for that but it turned my life around, I can't recommend it highly enough.

Be lucky ;-)