Post Treatment Abdominal Infection

Well last Friday I was finally admitted to hospital. I am 4 months post treatment for cervical cancer and just to throw a spanner in the works and prevent me from recovering it has been discovered that I have a large infected intra abdominal abscess between my womb and bowel. No bloody wonder I’ve been in so much pain over the last 6 weeks. The abscess is not able to be drained due to where it is so I am in hospital having IV antibiotics and to manage my pain. The aim is for the antibiotics to shrink the abscess down. I have been told today that I will have a further scan on Friday to see if the abscess is responding to the treatment and will be staying on the IV antibiotics until I am able to go onto oral. I will be in here for at least a further week, if not longer. Had a picc line go in yesterday so at least I don’t have to keep being continually stabbed. I know I’m in the best place but I’m still annoyed that I’m not able to start to recover from my cancer treatment due to all of this now going on. My pain medications have all been increased and I am feeling the benefit of that a bit, I think with a bit of tweaking should get it sorted out…fingers crossed.

Hi carly42.
Really shit that u are having problem’s and ur back in hospital,but as u say ur in the right place.
Speedy recovery from this latest set back
Much love xx

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Hi Ronaldess,

Thank you so much. I’m still in here but feeling better painwise so must have the dosages fairly correct now. Still exhausted whilst I’ve been here but sleeping has gotten better over the last couple of nights. Awaiting my scan and then follow up with my consultant, all being done tomorrow.
Thank you for your lovely message xxx

How are you feeling now Carly? Hopefully the iv antibiotics did the trick and you are now on the road to recovery. It’s a tough journey!
x Maria