Post trachelectomy

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone can help or if anyone has had the same problem I am having at the moment!


i had a radical trachelectony in February and everything has been ok since, periods always on time and the same as they were. However I am now suffering from a very painful side effect when I am having my period that I never had before the operation. 


As as well as cramps in my stomach which are fine and bareable I now have ridiculous lower back pain. The pain is so intense it can bring me to tears and a hot water bottle of deep heat just doesn't shift it!! I had an epidural for pain relief after the operation but I am unsure if that is what is making the pain so bad or if it is just the after effects of the operation itself! 


Any hey help would be very much appreciated!



Hi Tinkerbell

At some stage in my long history I also began to get eyewateringly painful periods and would have to take the morning off work until the painkillers began to work their magic. The painkillers were prescribed by my GP, they were called Ponstan and they contained mefenemic acid. Do please ask your GP and give them a go. I cannot say for certain that they will do for you as brilliantly as they did for me but it's worth a try. I used to refer to them as my horse tranquilisers :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thank you for your help :) x

You are more than welcome :-) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it does the trick for you :-)

Be lucky :-)