Post trachelectomy granulation

Hi everyone,

i have just been for my yearly smear after having a trachelectomy in 2015 today. It was extremely painful (still sitting on a hot water bottle!) but what made it so much worse was they took a punch biopsy. 

Last check up in December I bled and they sent me for an mri and said they could see an ‘irregular suture’ line but everything else was ok.

today during my smear the doctor said she could see some granulation so she wanted to take a punch biopsy to send away as well as the smear cells.

she said it is probably nothing and granulation is just a side effect of healing like scar tissue but I had never heard of it before. Anyone else came across it? What happens if it is granulation? Is any treatment needed? 

Thanks for any advice at all :) 

Hi hun I had punch biopsy last month from my hysterectomy cuff and it was certainly more unpleasant than having them from my cervix!!!! The results came back as granulation which as you were told is as a result of the healing process and sometimes happens but is not sinister. I believe they can use silver nitrate to remove it or as my consutant sais just leave and observe and it usually settles down. Good luck and take care x

Thanks cherryelm:) 

i had just never heard of it x