Post-trach swelling, normal ?

Hi all,
Am 4 days post-trach, feeling as I think I should feel right now, however (sorry for TMI) I have SO MUCH swelling in my pubic area, particularly one side. It’s kind of wobbly and seems to be filled with fluid. I’m very slim and it looks like somebody else’s body. I know some swelling is very normal but I’m so worried this is lymphadema. Has anyone else had this and it’s gone down? Tummy is swollen but pubic area is ridiculously puffy.
M x

Hi Maeve :-)

Just to reassure you that most of us have post-surgery pubic swelling and it does go away and it isn't lymphodema. I looked like I'd stuffed a half-deflated balloon down my knickers ;-)

Be lucky :-)

That's exactly how it looks Tiv, it's like a wobbly water balloon. Think it'll be a while before I'm feeling sexy ;D Hope you had a nice Val's Day x

Yes, it probably will be a while before you're feeling sexy, but all good things are worth waiting for ;-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Maeve,

Hope you're doing ok!

Im now just over 3 weeks post trach (had my all clear check up today with my consultant) and still have a bit of pubic swelling although is seems to come and go, some days there will be none and other days it seems to come back so as Tivoli says it seems to be perfectly normal. I see from one of your other posts that you had the full surgery with nodes and trach in one go (i opted for two separate ops), odd question, did you experience any issues with one or both of your legs? Since my first op to remove my nodes I've been suffering with a numb/painful right leg, they say it's perfectly normal and could last 6-12 months but just curious if you or any one else having had the same surgery has experienced the same thing?

Wishing you all the very best with your recovery, take advantage of doing nothing and make sure you get plenty of rest, try not to rush your recovery, it's too easy to think you are capable of more of until your body tells you otherwise!

Verity xx

Hi Verity,

Congrats om the all-clear!! You must be over the moon. Swelling gome down a bit today. Did too much yesterday and am paying the price today. Legs a liittle bit numb around the thighs but nothing too bad. I was told that all the nerves were avoided during the op, hopefully it's true. I'm very nauseaous today, not having a great time but am taking it an hout at a time, it won't last foreber. How are you recovering, how's your body feeling ?


Hi Maeve

The swelling is very normal - it is bizarre to see your body like that isn't it!  It will go down I promise.  Mine was also much worse on one side and squishy!

Verity, I had numbness/weird sensations in my left leg and groin.  It susided, but took a year to go away totally.  Feels pretty normal again now.  Nerves take a long time to heal!

N xx

Hi Maeve, 

I want to say I am over the moon but it's taking a while to sink in properly, of course I'm glad it's all over and done with, I was very lucky that all appointments and operations were pushed through and over with within 2 months. I'll probably celebrate at the weekend once I've taken it in properly! 

Glad the swelling has gone down a bit, keep an eye on it but don't worry too much about it, as I say some days it's there some it's not, I haven't noticed any for a few days now so hopefully that's it for me. I guess everyone is different but expect some swelling for the next 2 weeks or so. Try not to do too much, about a week after my op and being out of hospital I thought it was a good idea to clean the bathrooms in my house, bad idea, you definitely pay the price for doing too much! I'm not one for sitting around doing nothing for too long but I'm trying!

I think I'm recovering quite well, other than thinking I can do more than I can and paying the price for it. I've been quite lucky to not have any complications (touch wood) all I've had this last week is more pain than I did in the first week (like period cramps but a bit more intense and achy) but that might just be down to pain relief (I'm not one for taking loads of pills, but perhaps need to take more during my recovery). My body feels fine, other than that and a little odd where my laps cuts are, I get a little bit of pain from those from time to time. I feel a little bit like an elderly lady sometimes and even joked with my bf about needing posture lessons once I'm fully better to help me stand up straight rather than a little hunched. Fingers crossed you have an easy recovery too, feel free to message me if you get any other feelings you're unsure of, i'd be happy to help if I can.

Nellie, My surgeon didn't suggest they'd 'nicked' any of my nerves but said it was possible and that it would take a while for them to heal, thanks for that though, good to hear of someone whose had similar and recovered from it. Just didn't want it to be something like lymphodema and they were dismissing it.


Hiya :-)

I just wanted to add that my legs were pretty unreliable for a while after surgery. I had to go up and down stairs sideways, but it's all sorted itself out now.

Be lucky :-)