Post trach check up


I have my first 3 month check next week after my trach which was done via an abdominal incision. This is the first check up I have had since the surgery (I know other people have had one 6 weeks later) etc. I only went back in to hospital after to get my catheter removed.

Anyway I am not sure what to expect? I dunno if I am meant to go back to the day clinic where I had the colposcopy or the gynae ward where I had my cone, trach and catheter removal? Obviously I will call and ask them. The reason for the question is if I am going to the day clinic I hope that still means I get a chance to talk to the consultant who did my op as he is very good.

The more intimate details… Will I be given a colposcopy/smear type investigation down below? I guess it is a yes but I also hope that there is time to ask a few things as I have a few questions.

I still have numbness from the top of my pubic bone area to my belly button, not totally numb but definitely less sensation and still sensitive to pressure and tight clothing etc. I am also concerned about intimacy as things have been quite uncomfortable/sore since the op. Any advice would be great! x

I haven't got much advise for you as I haven't had my 3 month check up yet, but just wanted to wish you the best of luck xx

Good luck for your check up. I didn't have trach but had a cone biopsy. My checks are always done by my consultant who did the surgery. She asks me a few questions first, asks how I am in general and i have a chance to ask any questions then she does a smear and colposcopy x

Hi Libby

That's ok thank you for you advice, I am little nervous as my consultant has only seen me under GA and not when I have been awake! He is an old man Embarassed

Hi just wanted to give you my experience on this one. 

When I went back for my first check up after my op they just checked my tummy to make sure the cuts were healing (mine was laporascopic) and told me my lymph nodes and margins came back clear. 

They didn't do any other examination.


i imagine all health care trusts will be different though. 

I saw the consultant who did my operation for that check up then every time I have been back I have had a different person since.

hope you are doing well x

Hi Tinkerbell86

Thank you for getting back to me! I have been in to get results so not sure if this a check up or an examination check up! EEK!

Hi just wanted to give you hope ! I had stage 1b1 CC in 2010 had radical abdominal trachelectomy and in 2012 had a healthy baby boy 7pound 11 and in Sept 2015 a healthy baby girl 9pound 7 .Miracles do happen .