Post trach bleeding

Hi looking for a bit of advice or anyone else’s experience after trachelectomy.

I had my op in Feb 2015 and have been back on the pill since. No bleeding in between periods and periods have been regular.

I have just had my yearly smear in December and results came back clear - yay!

However recently I have started to bleed when I am coming to the end of my pack of pills. Twice I have started bleeding when I have one pill left to take, but it’s not like period blood just bright red blood which bleeds for a couple of days then stops and then my period starts 5 days after the last pill.

After the two times this happened my next period was normal and now I am on my last pill again and have just been surprised by bleeding.

At my last hospital appointment I told them that this had been happening but they were not concerned at all and just said as long as it’s not mid cycle or anything it’s nothing to worry about.

I can’t help but worry though and it didn’t start happening until 20 months after my op.

Anyone have any advice or had the same happen to them?


Hi Tinkerbell :-)

I have no experience of this whatsoever but if it is always happening at the same time in your pill packet surely that suggests it's hormonal and not cancer related?

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli :)


thank you for your reply.


i am just very confused as it never happened and now all of a sudden it does. My consultant is not bothered at all and I know it seems a bit stupid but it is just not nice to have to be prepared all of the time if you know what I mean :/


i know there are are a lot worse things to worry about but it can be a bit of a shock. I don't know if it's something I need to mention at my next hospital appointment in case there is something up with my hormones but this is a very recent thing and I have never had it until November and I just don't think my consultants will know/care what to do. 


and I don't really trust my gp to ask such a thing considering I still get letters to go for smears with them and was told at a pill appointment I didn't have cervical cancer it was just cin3!! Then they admitted they hadn't read my notes or any of the dozens of letters sent by my hospital to them :/


thank you x

It's just so depressing hearing about how some GP practices behave these days, but regarding the smear letters, yes you should still go. I had everything removed from the ovaries to halfway down my vagina and I still have an annual 'vault smear'

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli,


what i meant is my gp surgery still send me the generic letters to go for smear tests saying I haven't been for years. When I am at hospital every 3 months and get checked there and they have to do my smears because of my op. 


my gps literally dont read their notes :/


i will see If I can speak to someone sensiblw next time I am there to get their advice lol x