Post surgery aches, pains and nightmares

Hi Flossy - this is all really stressful so it could be that you are really tense and that is making your back pain worse. It might be worth trying a relaxation CD - I got a free one from my local Maggie's Centre (they might be able to post you one), but they are quite easy to buy. Can't do any harm, right?

Also, I wanted to say that I had to do the anticoagulant injections too - twice actually because I had two rounds of surgery. It is not much fun, but you really don't want a blood clot on top of all this. Stick with it, it'll be over soon enough.

Like everyone says, try to take it easy, give yourself time to heal and don't rush things. Week by week you're getting better and it won't be long now.  Good luck x


Hi Rosehip thank you for the reply, i spoke with a doctor today re my back pains and she said it will be worse when sitting down as that puts a lot of presure on the back and also when i had the surgery my legs were held in stirrups up high for a long time as it helps them to see what their doing better..

I will be trying the relaxation cd though as i was given one by my local cancer group a few weeks ago..

I am trying really hard to be patient in my recovery, but i do get frustrated at not being able to do everything!

how are you doing with your journey xx

Hi back again!!

Now 7 weeks post op and driving again on short journeys but it starts off my lower tummy pains and terrible backache..does anyone else have the same problem?

I thought itwas ok to start at 6 weeks? HELP


Hey Flossy,

I found driving really uncomfortable at 6 weeks so didn’t do it again. I’m 13 weeks now and just driving short journeys and it’s much better.

Have you been swimming recently? I started a couple of weeks ago and it’s helped my back and shoulders and hips sooooo much. It’s been a total game changer for me. Took a few goes to swim as I had to walk in the pool for a while but I can swim about 10 lengths.

I gave up on the guidelines after I watched them all whizz by whilst still unable to do much past week 3 at week 10. Just take your time, do a little every week and you’ll get there. If it hurts, stop. Get plenty of rest too :slight_smile:


Hi Jo

great to hear your going swimming and that its helping you so much..well done for that!


i am now 8 weeks and have yet a different problem..will it ever end..every evening arounf 7 i get pins and needles in my legs, from the tops to near the knees, though worst at the top..dont know whts doing it, though i had lymph nodes removed? did you get such sensations at all?


Hello - nerve pain/ numbness/ pins and needles in your legs are quite common side effects of the surgery.

My understanding is that it's more to do with the lymph node removal than the hysterectomy usually, but it's generally where  tissue swelling and fluid inside your abdomen is putting pressure on one of the nerves there and you feel it in your leg. If you're like me, the swelling builds up during the day so my legs are more painful in the evening.

Now that I'm back at work I find sitting in an office chair for too long aggravates it too so I do go for regular little walkies around the building during the day to try to ease it off.

I'm still struggling with it 6 months after surgery but my surgeon says it's something that should ease off over time and I have to be a patient patient. I'm trying not to stress about it. Que sera sera. Cool


Hi Rosehip

Thank you for the reply, so thats whats causing the sensations, i also get pins and needles in my tummy sometimes...never stops surprising me what pains and where i feel them..9 weeks now and still my tum swells in the evenings..

i too find i cant sit down on a chair for long without it effecting my legs..i havent been told how many lyph nodes were removed...were you told?


Hi Flossy,

I’m about 15 weeks now and I still have a sore and numb tummy. I’m getting a bit of feeling back slowly but it’s hard, distended and never goes down! Sometimes it’s less swollen but I have a permanent solid tyre. I did have an abdominal op so not surprising as they sliced through 3 layers of muscle! When I think of all those layers trying to knit together again it’s no wonder it’s still so tender.

Nerves take a long time to re-grow and make new pathways, it can be 6 months or longer, so whilst the superficial healing may happen in 6 weeks there’s an awful lot of other stuff that has to regroup and work itself out. So pins and needles we totally normal whilst this is all going on.

I can’t sit for long either, I’m most comfy with my feet up!

I can’t remember exactly how many lymph nodes they took from me, but think it was between 5 and 7 on each side.

My aunt had a similar op, for different reasons, but says it too, her a year to feel normal so I’m aiming for that. Feeling normal quicker will be a welcome surprise if it happens though!

Hope you’re doing ok xx

Sorry for all the typos, using an iPad seems I possible here!

Hi Jo

great to hear from you!

I am almost 10 weeks now, so still counting the days , sooo want to get over all this...i was surprised that it can take as long as 6 months for the pins and needle sensations to stop, i am relocating from the south to the north in 3 weeks time and have been trying to build up my stamina for that to go smoothly.


I am going to take up swimming as you said it really helped you, i had a little go at tia chi a couple ofdays ago, it wiped me out that evenining!!

I have to have my first vaginal smear in a few weeks, not looking forward to that, have you had yours yet?


Hi everyone


just wanted to ask does anyone else who have had their lymph nodes taken out in their groin get swelling in the calves of the legs?

Mt right calf gets very swollen every evening, very problems at all with the left leg, which i find odd as both had nodes 10 weeks post op and wondering if this is normal and does it last long?


Hey Flossy,

I didn’t get a vaginal smear in my first check up. They just examined me internally and prodded my belly lots!

I’ve not had any leg swelling, but I’d call your nurse if I were you as it could be a spot of lymphedema popping up. I mainly have belly swelling that never goes down :frowning: Starting to feel quite disfigured and upset by it now. I look pregnant and nothing will help it.

Did you manage to get swimming?


Hi Jo no didnt manage to go swimming...yet thought i would give it a coupe of more weeks...are you still going and do you find it helps?

i had a word with the doctor today about my calf swelling, she said to elavete my legs and that should help, so i will try that see how it goes.

sorry to hear your tums still swollen, poor you, mine is to but starts off ok in the morning then swells up as the day goes on!!

i am trying breating in...holding for 10 secs the breating try to excersice my tummy muscles...not working yet though! Xx

and now have just found a large lump in my breast  have an appoimtment at hospital nxt thursday,,,whatever next!!

Hi everyone,

now 3 months post op, but everyday i still get a pins and needles sensation in the tops of my legs and worse in the evenings..howlong does this go on??

i had 16 lymph nodes removed from the groin area during my rad hysterectomy..

i also get presure type painds in my lower abdomen during the day too after walking round a lot..does anyone else get this?

hope to hear from you