Post RH, pain in bottom & bowel problems. Anyone else?

Hey.  I hope everyone is well.

I had a radical hysterectomy in July.  I have noticed my bowel habits have been changing over the last few weeks, some foods now upset my stomach or I'm constipated.  But the constipation doesn't feel like normal constipation, it actually feels like things are different or moved around inside and stuff is actually getting stuck.  Does that make sense?  It just feels all different.  I am also getting pain right in my bottom, especially when I am sitting and pain in my lower right abdomen.  I have my second 3 month check at the Marsden next week so I will talk to my doctor about all this but I wondered if anyone else had experienced the same.  I'm getting worried that it's something sinister even though everything came back clear after my surgery

Thanks.  Jo

I have exactly the same thing!

RH 6 weeks ago for 1b1.  I have a hard time sitting for long periods of time because it feels heavy inside and uncomfortable.  I wouldnt describe it as painful but definitely and uncomfortable and slows me down.

And I am always constipated and have now a routine of mint tea and stool softener ever 3 days.  Otherwise I am so constipated I feel nauseous.

But when I poo...It is a very weird feeling.  Like you described...things are in the wrong place.

I'm not sure if it's normal or not but fear I will be on poo pills long term.

Hi Jo

I remember you having your op just after me. I'm not getting constipation now, though the first week was shocking. I definitely have the sensation that my bowel has slightly migrated south. Think there are all sorts of side effects and hopefully most will clear in time. I'd just run it past your doctor at your next follow up. I had a sore top of right leg at my last which he explained was normal as they get near tendons. I'm sure yours has the same type of explanation. Apart from this hope you are keeping well xx

Thanks for your replies 

I went to see my gp today & tried to explain the bowel thing to her while I was there, trying to explain that it felt like things had moved down there and it was harder for stuff to get out and she looked at me like I was completely stupid!  I hope the Marsden are a bit more understanding next week. I know my body and I know things feel very different.  I drink lots of mint tea and take stool softeners sometimes but it still just feels wrong!  I guess we just have to get used to there being long term effects from treatment  

I hope you are both doing well