Post Radical Trachelectomy

Hi all,


Just wanted to do a little post about how I'm feeling (almost) 1 week post trachelectomy, just to inform anyone who is having this done and to discuss in general my feelings about the whole experience!

I had the op last Thursday, I was admitted to hospital the night before, I didn't have to have the laxative drink like some of the others have mentioned, I just had to go nil by mouth at midnight, which isn't difficult when you're in hospital as the food is AWFUL!! I went under at about 9am and the next thing I knew it was 2pm and people were waking me up.

I was in hospital for 4 nights in total, due to the morphine making me sick and not being able to eat anything for a couple of days. I also had really bad trapped wind to the point where it made my whole body ache. I was allowed to go home on the Sunday after they took my catheter out and I did 4 wees and had a bladder scan to prove I was emptying my bladder correctly.


I had the trach and lymph node removal all done abdominally, so I have a scar about 6 inches long across the top of my bikini line. I took the dressing off yesterday and was pleased with how neat it was, there's a little bit of bruising from the lymph removal but that should fade soon.


My appetite really came back once I got home, but the codeine tablets make you so constipated, I didn't go to the loo til Tuesday and that was only because I took some Senokot - which was a really stupid idea as it gave me awful stomach cramps and made me throw up - not a nice experience when you have a sensitive stomach wound!

I've stopped taking the codeine as much now, and I'm just having the paracetomol and ibuprofen. Also having the injections to prevent blood clotting. They aren't bad at all, my housemate does them for me!

Tomorrow I'm going for my first walk outside, I'm looking forward to it as I'm quite stiff and the scar feels tight so I want to loosen up a bit! But in general I've been ok doing things around the house, I can shower myself and get dressed, I just can't lift the kettle! Getting in and out of bed is a struggle but I know it'll get easier.


Anyway, that's my update, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I get my results on Tuesday so please all keep your fingers crossed for me!!!



Good luck for Tuesday xxx

hope ur bit less sore and get outside for some walks. I feel better doing this (especially as a couple of times this week the destination has been to pub for lunch lol!)

as my GP told me today, don't push self too much! Don't expect too much, body needs to fix itself on the inside as major internal work has gone on. Also said nerves take a week to grow one mm so any damage could take a year to fix- I feel very little on my groin area and have trouble going for a wee as I don't have the sensation. So don't expect to heal all over too quickly!


Oh I'm such a divvy, it's Wednesday when I get my results, I thought 23rd was Tuesday!

Yeah it was really nice to get out today although it is hard to stand up straight as the scar is so tight, so then I get backache from slightly stooping! But it was good to have some fresh air.

I'm not experiencing any numbness, the area immediately around the wound feels very weird but not numb, and I haven't had any numbness or swelling in my legs or anything like some people do. I like your idea of trips to the pub!


Well, pub is within walking distance, sun was out, they do lovely paninis.... Oooo and fish and chips today, yum! We all need an incentive. Then lay on the sofa for snooze when return home... Must say, I would have loved a pint of lager or a glass of rose but, alas, no. Must be good!

glad you haven't got the numbness! Not nice... might be a long time before feeling comes back too... Oh well, no quick wees for me anymore!

good luck for Wednesday xxx 

Good luck for Weds! Will be thinking of you xxx

Hi Tank86,

We had similar treatment. I know what you mean by trapped wind pain, I thought all my ribs were broken on the second day after surgery :( So I forced myself to walk thinking I'd rather suffer and walk than die of that horrible pain. No need to say pain killers are not helping much in that situation :) Walking helped me a lot. the only dissadvantage of it was swelling of belly and groin area but I kept moving just to avoid that horrible wind pain. I stopped taking painkillers on the 3rd day in hospital as they were not doing much and was at home on the 4th day. I must admit the food in the hospital was really good - I was amazed how good it was :) Met some nice people as well.  Took me two weeks to touch computer again though. Hope you are feeling better now! Jelena xx

Thanks everyone, it's so comforting to read everyone else's experiences. Results tomorrow - really nervous. Xx

Good luck xxx

Good luck today xxx

I got the all clear!! Clear margins from the trachelectomy and lymph nodes negative :D

The nurse said she'd call me between 2pm and 5pm, and she dragged it right out til half 4, I was going crazy! Never been so happy xx


great news tank. Really pleased for you. After all that worry time to give a sigh of relief and concentrate on recovering now xxx

Yay! Congrats, that is brilliant news :) xxx