Post radiation

Looking to see if anyone has or is experiencing muscular pain in their hips, back and legs since they had their treatment. I had radiation and brachytherapy in October 20, but in the last month I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain. It’s in the opposite side to where the cancer was. I’ve got a left nephrostomy so wondering if I’m suddenly over compensating. I’ve just had a pelvic x ray and I’m waiting for the results but anyone who’s had cancer never mind my stage 4 diagnosis knows where my head is going.
Just looking to see what people’s long term effects of radiation have been.

Hi, I developed such intense muscular pain that I wasn’t able to lift my arms and my legs 9 months after completing radiation. Turns out I had developed Hashimoto hypothyroidism. Although I take medication I still feel my hips and butt cheeks very contracted so to speak on some days.
Hope it’s nothing serious and it will go away for you!

Towards the end of my radiation I started with awful back ache. One night it went into a spasm and it was the worse pain I had ever felt (husband had to get me off the toilet). It’s not been right since really hips back and legs also really ache. I had an X-ray last week.
Are you normally an active person?

No, I used to be but since my treatment ended, I haven’t been able to do much. I’ve gained so much weight through the menopause and I have a nephrostomy in situ which makes exercise very difficult and problematic.

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Hi I have been in constant pain for 6 months. I am suffering the effects of radiation I have insufficiency fractures of the sacrum and coccyx caused by radiation. My Gynaecological Oncologist has referred me for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment is a 2 hour session everyday for 6 weeks.
I had to push my GP to send me for a bone scan and then an MRI. GPs kept insisting I had Fibromyalgia. I know my body and the pain was excruciating and debilitating radiation damage to bones and nerves is real.
If you are suffering insist on diagnostic tests to get to the root cause of your pain