Post op


now been back home a few days following my rad hyst. Had a slight wobble on arrival as the registrar came to introduce herself and said she had made amendments to my consent form as I would need my ovaries removing and probably a vertical as well as horizontal incision, which set me off crying, as this was not what had been discussed before. A while later the consultant came to say my ovaries could stay, and they would only extend the bikini incision vertically if it was absolutely necessary, so was very annoyed at the registrar for making me so upset just an hour before I went down! Operation went well, bikini incision only which was glued and covered in some wired plastic waffle stuff. The scar is so neat, I think in a while it will be almost invisible. Only problem I had was severe sickness on 3rd day, omg, being sick when you've just had surgery is horrendous! Just waiting now for results on 21st, so fingers crossed.X

Hey, welcome to the 'other side'. I was also sick on day 3, it's not fun is it! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Just remember to take it easy and listen to your body and rest when you need to. Take care. Tess xx 

Hey there,


I had the abdominal incision too - I am still so impressed by my scar. It's barely there 5 months on! I found laughing the hardest thing so being sick much have hurt a lot. You have my sympathies!

Take it super eay and good luck for your results!


Hello :slight_smile: pleased to hear the surgery went well!
I was sick the next day and on day 3 … And it felt horrendous! I also sneezed every morning (don’t know why!?) and that was horrible too! Feels like your tearing your insides… Apparently I wasn’t and all is ok! :wink:

All the best with your results on 21st!

Take care and take it easy :slight_smile:
Em xx

congrats also on getting thru the surgery and getting out, onwards and forwards x