Post op Sepsis

Hi Ladies

I thought I'd share my experience with you so if anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation hopefully this may help.

I had laparascopic hysterectomy on 20/08/2013. I suffered wound haemorrhage back on the ward and my bp dropped to 70/30. Needed 4 bags fluid resuscitation. My abdomen became increasingly swollen during this time and i felt extremely weak and "fluffy-headed" all day every day. I told the nurse I was scared I was bleeding internally, he agreed to ask my consultant to come up and authorise a scan. consultant looked at my stomach and said it was just gas (it looked like a fully inflated beachball!) and it would go down in a few weeks. No scan done. I was discharged 3 days post op despite still feeling awful, low bp and risring temp.

I woke up the next morning with a fever of 38.5 and feeling awful. Saw out of hours gp (it being a bank holiday weekend and all) who prescribed antibiotics as I told her I feared I was bleeding internally and I was worried about Sepsis. After 4 days on augmentin I felt no better, probably worse if I could remember the days - I still have some memory loss of that weekend. I got an emergency appointment with my consultant on the wednesday (ended up being palmed off to a registrar). They didn't believe I'd had a fever all weekend or that the bruising and swelling were worsening (my stomach had continued to balloon and was blacky purple all over). I requested a blood test to put my mind at ease (and a scan to which they said there was no need as I couldn't be bleeding and still talking to them). Blood test showed I was severely anaemic and needed a blood transfusion urgently, and that my infection markers were raised and I was in severe Sepsis. So rushed to A&E and admitted for IV antibiotics, blood, scans (funnily enough they found a slow bleed and some blood clots that had become infected and caused blood poisoning/ Sepsis). If I'd left it and taken their word that it was fine I would have gone into organ failure.

After over 2 weeks I'm finally home, still on antibiotics, feeling exhausted. This has definitely set back my recovery.

If you are unsure of anything you need to persist to get it checked. Even if it comes back normal. Its better to be safe than sorry.

Helen xx

Hi Helen,

Wow!  You poor thing.  What an awful thing to happen.  I'm quite shocked they let you home from hospital in the first instance if that's how you were feeling.  They kept me in for 1 extra night just for vomiting. Thanks goodness you were persistant in your request for the scan and blood test but it sounds like they shouldn't have sent you home anyway.

I hope the rest of your recovery goes well.  Take it very easy and make sure you are being spoilt and looked after.

Tess xx



Gosh I'm so sorry to hear of your ordeal. As if cancer wasn't enough to deal with! I hope your on the mend now and feeling much better. 

Ps Sepsis was featured on the news this evening! 



Wow, you're an amzing woman. Glad to hear that you are now on the right road to recovery. I believe that medical professionals need to realise that we know our bodies best sometimes & they should take time to listen, reflect & act accordingly. In the long run it could save them time (& quality of your recovery).  I had a similar experience & was also prescribed medication that would have had fatal consequences had I taken it.

I agree with you though if ever you are in any doubt get things check out & def. be persistent!

Sending speedy well wishes x

It seems like the bottom line here is, if you didnt have the forsight, and listen to your body ,and persist, you would highly likely be dead by now ,or well on the way.

A consultant and his registrar both missed this, and not only that, both refused to give you a scan!

Words fail me to be honest, when your feeling strong again, I would persue this matter, otherwise it may well happen to another, who is not as persistant as you have been.

I wish you a speedy recoveryx

Hi Helen,

Sorry to hear of your experience but I’m glad that you are now on the mend.

I think this is an excellent example of how important it is to listen to your own body and insist if need be that you are taken seriously.

Thank you for sharing as this type of post could just help someone in a similar situation or provide information for others to look out for who are about to have surgery.

I hope you continue to progress well and are feeling better soon.

Lou x