Post op fatigue

Hi Ladies.


I had 2 major operations withinh 7 weeks due to the fact they didn't detect my cervical cancer on rountine yearly smears, had total hysterectomy Nov 2013, then 7 weeks later Jan 2014 had to under go another major operation to remove fatty tissue where cervix was, lymph nodes and vaginal cuff, so had radical hysterectomy but in 2 operations, cancer was stage 1B1, no furhter treatment after second operation, all margins, lymph nodes clear, i'm 6 months post op from first operation and 4 months post op second operation, just wondered if it's normal to still be experiencing fatigue, i feel fine when i get up on a morn, although don't think i've slept a full night since 1st operation, then come lunch time i just have no energy and need to nap







Hi Mandy

I had 2 ops too, details below and my stage was 1b1 also.  And my results were the same!

I still have fatigue though I am a bit further on than you and it is getting better.  My sleeping is still not good though.  My consultant says its completely normal on both counts though and just to give it time.  It would be so nice to have our lives back wouldn't it - think we get a bit too tough on ourselves though and expect too much from what our poor bodies have gone through.

Hopefully by the time we get round to the 1 year anniversary we will be feeling heaps better!  And fingers crossed we start sleeping better soon!

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi ladies I am reading this post and wanted to ask for advice - I have been diagnosed 1b1 cancer - I have a MRI scan next week then my operation booked in for the 9th June I feel fatigued now and I haven’t even had my op , I wanted to ask if you felt like this before you op ?

Thank you Tammy xxxx

Hi Tammy

Yes I did.  Probably due to the mass of emotions you go through and not being able to relax.  Try and do nice things and treat yourself where and when possible.  Op day will soon be here and then you can concentrate on your recovery.  Get lots of rest and let others do the work!

Message me anytime if you want to ask anything.

Good luck with your op and results.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Thank you Cheryl it means a lot that you have replied . I am still working full time and look after my 2 year old son . I just wish it was all over and I can get off this roller coaster . Can I ask how long you stayed in hospital for ? X

Hi ladies I'm 1b1 too. Had ct MRI and pre op. Cns says date for radical hysterectomy should be weeks but pre op valid for 3 months. Im having robotic too.I'm feeling very tired too I'm getting a lot of comfort reading this is not just happening to me and that this can be beaten. I just want to get on with treatment now so I can enjoy life and enjoy my children whilst they are so young.

Hi Tammy

My op was on a Tuesday and I came out on the following Sunday.  However, I did have a vertical incision due to having a large cyst on my ovary that needed removing so if you have keyhole it can mean that you are not in as long.

I worked full time until the Friday before, just had the Monday off.  I did it just to keep my mind occupied and to stop thinking about cancer so much.

The op went well, far better than what I thought it would and it was sheer bad luck that I had the abscess etc afterwards, my consultant said the last case he'd seen like that was 2-3 years previous.

I am so far on from how I was and feel much more positive about the future.  Its amazing how well the body heals and although I have a few pains now and again the consultant said that is down to the 2nd op and not the Rad Hyst.

It will soon be over and you can then get on with the rest of your life.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Helen

That's just how I felt too - and yes, its a wonderful feeling when you start to enjoy life again.  I didn't think for a while that I would but in retrospect I did quite quickly even if it was just small stuff at first.  I used to love going for my walks during the recovery period and I would notice all the stuff that I wouldn't have seen before because I was always in a rush.

Life is pretty good now and you'll get to that stage soon.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Thank you had my MRI today surgery booked for the 9th June just wanting it over and done with xx

Hi ladies.


thank-you for your replies, i'm pleased i'm not alone in feeling this way, also Tammy yes i felt very tired before surgery too....are any of you ladies experiencing loss of sex drive? i have no sexual feelings since my operations, my partner is understanding, but i think it's wearing thin, i just don't want to be cuddled or touched, thanks ladies xx

Hi Mandy

I'm just the same with no sexual feelings.  Luckily hubby is very understanding and supportive.  I've read lots of posts here in the past that have said similar too so we are not alone.  Think both physically and mentally this will take some getting over and coming to terms with.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx