Post Op Exercise - Pilates, FooFooFunclub, Belly dancing?


Have been doing pilates to regain some strength (especially pelvic floor) and flexibility post op. I'd recommend it but you do need to find a well trained instructor and a class geared up for people recovering from surgery, especially at the beginning.

My current pilates instructor (who is also a trained Physiotherapist) mentioned 'FooFooFunclub' yesterday and asked if anyone knew anything about it. I didn't, but I've just looked it up and it looks fun, pilates-like and very focused on pelvic floor strengthening.  I wondered if anybody has given it a go and has any experience to share?

Before diagnosis I had been belly dancing for 10 years (hence my online name) and I am sure that starting with a strong core has helped my recovery. I am back to regular classes from next week and can't wait to get some sparkliness on and get back to it (gently). It really is a great low impact, fun way to exercise with lovely people and improves flexibility, posture and strength. (For info, you can be any age, shape or size and you don't have to show anything you don't want to).

I know swimming is good but I feel a bit self conscious about my body after all this and I'm not sure I'm up to wearing a swimming cossie in public yet, but I expect I'll get there in due course.

Does anybody have any other good suggestions for things we can do to get active post treatment?


Hi Rose

good to see you're moving forward with your recovery. I also used to do belly dancing and it;s great fun! Since my op three years ago I have started daily walking and regular use of a cross trainer and exercise bike - starting really gradually and buling up. I then added zumba and now I'm a devotee of kettlercise (exercising with a kettle bell to music) I won't lie - it's a bit tough at the start, and it's probably too soon for you, but it's had a really positive effect on my pelvic floor and flattened my tummy. I hated the look of my tummy after my op - I was very overweight at the time and one side of my vertical scar hung lower than the other (yuk) This is no longer the case and I can't tell you how happy I am with the changes. I'm in far better shape at 51 than i was at 47!

One other point - whatever you do, I really believe it's consistency that's the key. Find something you like and stick with it and if you get bored, try something new!


Good luck whatever you choose.


Lots of love

Louise xx

Hey ladies,


For me swimming has been a total game changer. Whilst I was struggling to walk comfortably swimming allowed me to move in the water. Even walking up and down the pool helped. Now I can swim lengths, I even swam in the sea recently! I would totally recommend it for helping get some easy movement back after surgery. I went with a friend every time, bought a cosie 2 sizes up and thougt bugger it!

We have a pool in Sheffield that is geared up for rehabilitation. It has a walkway/ramp and is warmer than regular pools and the same depth all the way through. You can choose to go to ladies only, or disabled swim so it's good if you're nervous. I'd really recommend finding one locally if you can. I'm just starting to walk further and faster, my goal for the next 2 weeks is to walk half way round my old 5k park run route. I can't wait for the day I do the 5k again, I will be crying with joy.

A wise person once said to me "There will be a day when you can no longer do this, today is not that day" which is helping me get moving.


I'm off to a heated lido tomorrow before the schools break up, I am so excited! I want to start Pilates too, just need to find the right kind of class as my old gym one was great but not sure she'll be good enough after surgery


. Keep well my dears xxx

Hi Rose,

The foofoofunclub is such a brilliant name and what a good idea.  All I've done so far is walking as I'm only a few days out of hospital. I'm really looking forward to getting back to normal exercise. I usually do body pump classes and running. I don't suppose I'll be doing that for a while. At the moment my body looks like it belongs to someone else! Belly dancing sounds cool and fun so I might see If i can give that a go. Soon.....I hope! Xx 

Went back to my bellydance class last night.

It'a amazing how stressful it was going back, even though everyone is the class is a friend and I've had the same teacher for years. Was so worried my body would let me down and was anxious about being in a dance studio with mirrored walls as I feel very self-conscious about having gained weight and still having  a swollen belly and leg.

I did ok though. Its a 90 minute class and I got all the way through it apart from the lat 10 minutes which was fast turns which I decided to sit out (vomitting in class is a bit of a no-no).

Another little milestone achieved. Good luck with your next one, girls!

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I've found there's a foo foo fun club in my city! Going to investigate :)


How's the belly dancing going? I thought I'd replied to this but apparently not. Well done for going, 90 minutes of anything seems like an amazing feat!



I recovered with some physical therapy ( that was suggested to me by my doc. After continuing with that for some time I tried swimming, guess that was my own choice. I used to swim before my treatment and that was a regular routine. I was comfortable and I started it again and it is making me stronger.