Post op assessment- not happy

I've just had my pre op which was ok but I've come home and it's now feeling a bit real. All I got given was a letter for going into hospital on the 17th for my op on the 18th.

i never got any info about the operation nothing on when I've to stop eating etc the day before nothing on what I've to take With me

I don't want an operation and I'm so upset and feeling very sad now.

should I call someone and ask for an information pack, I've no idea about anything to do with the operation and recovery etc

sorry for the rant ☹️

Hi debz

im sorry to hear about this ,at my pre op for a radical hysterectomy I had leaflets about my surgery , also a letter exsplaining that I couldn't eat after 12 and could only have water or weak squash , tea or coffee with the tinest amount of milk up until 6.30 in the morning . I was scheduled for a morning appointment. Unfortunately I did have mine cancelled as I was unwell , earliest they could get me in is on 26th unless cancellation. I also had to take two senna tablets two days before my op and I also had 6 pre op drinks to drink 4 the day before the op and two of the drinks on the day of op before 6.30 am , this information was all on a letter explaining what ward I was on and where to report to and what time , and what to take in  eg nightshirts, toiletries , slippers ,towels ,dressing gown , sanitary towels, any medication you currently take . It explained in my letter I needed to shower on the morning of the op , but not to apply talc , deodorant, body lotions or perfumes . All make up needed to be removed before op no nail varnish or jewrellery you can keep wedding ring on . I would actually ring up and explain you had no information they will probably put it in the post , all the best for your surgery keep me posted . Speak soon xx

Awe Hun perfect thank you, I will call my nurse tomorrow and ask for some info, I feel so unprepared and I thinks that's whats upsetting me 

Hi hun, what operation are you having? Like Lisa said, she's covered most things. Ask any questions on here, we can always help xxxx


Hi Kazza I'm having hysterectomy, they want me to go in the day before which I'm not going to do! I don't want to go in hospital at all so an extra night is not happening! Lol this is why I need to know how long before I've to stop eating etc I will also end up signing myself out, I'm going to be the worst patient ever.

Hello again,

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling this way. I have my pre-op on Monday. Have you spoken with anyone in your medical team about how you feel?


Hi Debz, can I ask why you don't want to go in the day before? Is it because you don't like hospitals...etc. I had to stop eating at 10pm the night before. I had to drink a special drink the night before called preload and also had drink another at 6am. I had to be at the hospital at 7.30am. Hope this helps xxxx

Yeah kazza I hate hospitals and don't want to be in any longer than I need to, I even gave birth to my daughter at home as I hate going to hospital.

im going to call tomorrow and request some info x

Hi Debz, if you don't live far away from the hospital, then I don't see why you need to be in the day before. However, different hospitals have different protocols. Most people are discharged within 24/48hrs after having hysterectomy. I was kept in for 4 days due to blood pressure problems. Hope all goes well xxxx