Post menopause and low grade cell change and high risk hpv

I got my smear results back 3 wks ago showing low grade change and high risk hpv. Got my colposcopy on Wednesday . My head is in bits, I'm 55 and been married 34yrs. Can't believe I've got std , is there anyone else my age been through this. went for my smear in dec and had to tell the nurse to stop because it was so painfull, she gave me a script for vagifem and go back 3 wks later. The next smear was just as bad so got revered to hospital for another smear.  they managed to do my smear but she said I was red and inflamed. would like to know if any one else has had the same problem 

Hi I had my colopscopy yesterday but the dr said she didn't think she had got enough cells because I had a closed cervix due to bn post menopause , has any one else had this problem . I'm  now thinking that smear result of low grade cell change could be wrong . if my cervix is closed how do they now what's going on behind the door . 

I am 59 post menopause. Just had smear results shocked to find hvp and low grade changes. Never had a bad smear before same partner 25 years!

kept thinking I had got wrong letter for a bit, but realised it’s doubtful they would have made a mistake.

i have to wait for a month now for a colposcopy.

also have a prolapsed cervix. 

Any reassurance would be greatly appreciated.

im feeling very down.