Post menopausal abnormal smear


my what I thought was my final smear age 61 came back high grade changes. A shock as all previous smears negative.

after 3 visits to colposcopy and lettz showed no abnormality I now have to have general anaesthetic to try and take deeper sample. My other choice is hysterectomy.

I have had bowel cancer in past so I'm thinking at my age have hysterectomy and be done with it instead of backwards and forward to clinic

Hello Cecilia. I wish I had had a hysterectomy earlier as my situation had turned to cancer, and  I ended up having radical hysterectomy and chemo rads. I'm probably biased as a result, but if you can face the idea of having a hysterectomy, it may give you peace of mind for the future. Wishing you well with whatever you decide.

Hi, it sounds like hysterectomy might be a good choice for you. I'm on my second LLETZ for high grade CGIN, I'm 40 and have had my kids, so I'm thinking the same thing (if it's offered). It feels like a waiting game otherwise.

Thank you i feel delaying the inevitable just want it over and done with. you take care too 

Thank you have rang hospital to leave message for consultant that I am thinking hysterectomy then it's all done good luck with your treatment