Hi Everyone,

So after trawling through the forums (which are all so helpful, thank you!) I have struggled to find the right thread, so figured I’d make a new one. :slight_smile:

A little bit of background - I’m 25 and went for my first smear in January, results came back as High-Severe Grade dyskaryosis. I went for my colposcopy 2 weeks ago today and had the LLETZ procedure done at the same time. (5th Feb)

I went to the doctors last week and found out that the “wound” (if it can be called that) is infected and I’ve just finished the course of 2 types of antibiotics. Over the past couple of had moments where I feel loads better. I went to a concert last night and managed to dance a little bit but then the dull ache and occasional sharp pain in my lower left side started up again.

I’ve looked everywhere and just thought I’d ask all of my questions in one go:

Is it normal to feel so drained and tired, even after 2 weeks? I know that the infection won’t have helped but I need at least 12 hours sleep at the moment to be able to function normally. If I’m getting 7-8 hours sleep at night, I need to have a nap in the day as I literally can’t keep my eyes open.

Is it normal to still be feeling so uncomfortable? The pain seems to generally be in my lower left side but the right side gives me a bit of aggro too. I don’t work at a desk job and rested for the first 3 days following the procedure. Work were really helpful and let me sit in the office for the first couple of days but this meant constantly having to stand up and sit down (about 50 times a day) answering the door - not sure if anybody else feels like just standing up is like walking a marathon???

Has anybody else who’s had the LLETZ procedure done felt almost depressed? I just seem to manage being happy and bright for a short period and then it goes again. I am on the POP so I don’t have periods but wearing the sanitary towels day in, day out is making me feel really unfeminine (due to the continuing discharge) and I honestly just feel like breaking down at least once a day. I do suffer from an underactive thyroid but my mood swings are generally under control, but I’m not 100% sure if the LLETZ would have affected my hormones so much??

Any advice would be so appreciated, I feel like I’m drowning a little bit and wish I could stop whinging all the time!




Hi hun didnt want to read and run, its been quite a few years since i had lletz but just wanted to say the mood swings and being low are normal, i remember when i first got diagnosed age 20 with cin3 and vain3 i went to pieces! I had an op and had to wait for biopsy results, well i had just had my daughter so i was terrified i had cancer n was going to die (it wasnt explained it was pre-cancer!) i went and brought a bottle of vodka, got very very drunk and my friends found me layin in the road sobbing i was gonna die! (i was very dramatic bk then lol) so the mixed emotions etc are normal, its a big worry! Iv had 3 ops to my cervix over the last 11 years and now have very little cervix left but currently waiting on biopsy results for problems im having now but this time it is for cancer not pre-cancer! I dont remeber feeling ill or exhausted like u do, it could be your anemic or your immune system is out of whack but dont suffer feeling like that, go bk to ur gp and ask if they can do anything for u, good luck and hope ur feeling better soon xx