I'm just wondering if what I'm experiencing is normal or signs of an infection? I had my Lletz done 8 days ago. I didn't have much bleeding but I have had some discharge and the odour isn't pleasant. I can smell it all the time and I'm worried other people can. Today when I went to the toilet for a wee there was a glob of clear jelly like stuff in the bottom of the toilet. Is this normal discharge?? 

Thanks to anyone who can help. 

I'm unsure about the clear jelly stuff - perhaps contact wherever u had it done and ask them? Other than that.. I had stomach and back pain, a lot of discharge which smelt quite bad and when I got to the out of hours gp today it turned out I had high temp too. All signs of infection so I've been put on antibiotics. if you are unsure and have any doubts go and see your go, if they are closed like mine was, call 111 and seek advice. Much better to be safe than sorry! 


What you have described though sounds similar to my story so it could be infection

Hiya :-)

I couldn't say for certain but I think that usually nasty niffs are a sign of some kind of infection.

Be lucky


I totally agree with the above.... 

Sounds like me and I've got an infection, on anti biotics x