Post Lletz ??

Hi all. I had Lletz last Wednesday and had my period at the same time. The surgeon (under GA) left some dressing inside which I passed a few days later. So all in all a little traumatised and a fair amount of pain. To be honest I thought the pain would gave eased me by now however I am experiencing shooting type pains in my back, in my flute and down both my leg,s into my feet. Has any one else had these pains? Do you think I may have an infection? I am calling the Dr in the morning but just wanted some friendly advice first. I struggle to sleep with the shooting twitchy pains I am having. 

Any help would be much appreciated. 

Much luck xxxxx

My guess would be an infection. get seen if possible, good luck x

Hi Jodie 

Just wanted to say - I have been having the same pains down my legs , back and also stomach cramps most of last week. Then I had an unexpected heavy bleed last Thursday night and had to call the hospital for advice - after this and speaking to my gp on Friday I was told the symptoms may be an infection and have given me 7 days of antibiotics now 

Had my LLETZ on 2nd march - I'm sure you ladies will agree , will be glad to get back to normal again ... 


Hey Lornie. I am starting to feel better now back at work ect. However I had to get a second course of Anit-B's. I now just feel drained fromt he whole thing and still have no results. How long did yours take? anyone? x