Hi everyone,

I just thought I would see how the rest of you are feeling because I've woken up today (5 days post lletz) and I feel blimming awful. I have been fine the first 4 days, I have minimal discharge/blood but today I have throbbing aches in my right side (nothing severe but I can feel it mildly), my back aches a bit and I have headaches which I never normally suffer from. I have put the headaches down to the stress and worrying of all this though.


Has anyone else felt achey, pains or tiredness 4 to 5 days in? I'm not hugely concerned as I understand my body is healing, but thought I would see how you all felt?


My pain didnt properly kick in until about the end of the first week.  My lower back all stiffened up together with pains that were very similar to period pains.  I just took pain killers and a hot water bottle.

I felt physically exhausted and felt as though I didnt have any energy at all.

Hope you feel better soon x



Well following my first post yesterday I've been in all sorts of pain. It's almost flu like symptoms and I'm concerned I have an infection. I've got an appointment with my GP later today. I woke up in the night shaking uncontrollably, my muscles were hurting in my legs, neck and arms it was very uncomfortable. I've had to call in sick from work today, feel very weak. Hopefully it is just stress related and not an infection!