Post lletz

Hi all! 


I'm 7 weeks out from a lletz with unclear margains (ob confident he got the rest with burning). Extensive Cin3 with a lot of my cervix removed. Today I've started spotting dark brown discharge. I had a feel and where was smooth previously last month there is now a lump agaIn. Follow up is 4 months away. Question is; is this normal? Do I need to go back earlier? Thanks y'all! Xx 

Hi :) 


I had brown discharge after LLETZ but this was only a couple of days after. i've been bleeding for the last two weeks since the treatment which is a pain and I may go back to the doctors as its bright red blood and I'm a bit worried. I'd go to your GP if you can and maybe ask the question just to ease your mind? 

I'm not usually a worrier but this whole situation has made me question everything.