Post Lletz - wait for follow up or TTC



I had lletz treatment for cin 3 a few days ago. i dont have the results yet so jumping the gun a bit here.


But, if the results come back with clear margins etc (hopefully they do) and i am told to go to the follow up smear in 6 months it safe to TTC? Am i able to try and have a baby straight away (which means this follow up will have to be slightly delayed), or should i wait til after the follow up smear?

I'm in exactly the same position as you hun. Any advice would be great. I don't know whether if they come back clear margins to take that as the green light or to wait until the 6 month smear. Like you im playing the waiting and praying game for results xxx

Hi, I'm also in the same position! My consultant said so long as I wait the 4 or so weeks after lletz to recover I could start trying for a baby straight away. If when I go back for my 6 month smear and there are some pre-cancerous cells then they would not be able to treat it until after the baby was born. So personally I think I am going to wait until after my smear to hopefully get the all clear. x

How strange that we are all in thsaw position. Shows just how common this is!! Did you both have CIN 3?

If I needed more treatment after the follow up I think I would just think 'for god sake in those 6 months I could have gotten pregnant and be 5 / 6 months pregnant by now and just have the follow up in a few months time'. 

Yes I had CIN3. My issue is that we only just got married 6 months ago and wanted to wait a year or so before we started trying for a baby but this has put a but more urgency on things. 

I know exactly what you mean about whether or not to wait for the 6 month check up but I worry that it may take me a bit to get pregnant and then will end up with the pre cancerous cells for nearly 9 months. But the other worry is what happens if I have to have lletz again and then it's increase the risk of complications! x

Me too! I got married 4 weeks ago!! Like you we weren't really planning on trying straight away but when things like this happen you realise you should just go for it and stop waiting for the 'right time' financially etc.  they have an 'ask the expert' section on this website where your questions go to a team of medical experts so I have asked them to see what they say. 

I guess it's personal choice really but it would be interesting to know what they say. I have read somewhere that you can only have lletz a 2/3 times before it causes complications but then again I suppose each case is different? How strange that you have just got married too! Rubbish timing isn't it! Yes we wanted to save a bit of money first but I'm nearly 29 so time is ticking anyway I guess even without this. x

Hi ladies. I had lletz in august and found out a month ago I'm pregnant. It wasn't planned and to be honest I probably would have waited until after the check but my doctor is so chilled about it he just said well you'll just have your smear when the baby's here, you had clear margins a few months won't make a difference! 

Just to let you all know what my reply from Ask the Expert was:


In reply, given the information provided and without access to medical notes or the benefit of a personal examination.

There is no reason why you can’t start trying for a baby as soon as you have received the results from this treatment (that should be within 6-8weeks).

As long as results say that your follow up is a smear with HPV test at 6 months, then there is no need to hold off trying for a baby.

You must, however, still have that smear test at 6 months, pregnant or not. It is perfectly safe to do have a smear when pregnant.

That's brilliant, thank you for that xx

Hi Ladies,

Sorry to jump in on your post but i thought i would give you my story.

I had 2 lletz, first one in Jan 14, second in March 14  which came back with clear margins. I fell pregnant in the May and now 33weeks, i did have to have a smear in July as part of my 'check up' which showed severed changes apparently which lead me to have a biopsy taken. This is not pleasant in the normal circumstances but being pregnant is worse, luckily i had already had a procedure done for a cervical stitch as my cervix was very short. There is a small risk of going into labour when having a biopsy, this didnt happen to me and the results came back as minor changes CIN 1 so was left alone until i saw a consultant the other week who said from what he could see everything looked fine and would review once baby is here.

It is a very stressful situation being pregnant and having a letter stating that severe changes had been found, they do say that you shouldnt really have a smear while pregnant as it can show up false CIN because of the changes that happen anyway. Always get checked if you are scheduled for a check up just to be on the safe side, but there is no reason apart from your consultant that might say you shouldnt just yet (advised me not to get pregnant until i had a clear smear whoops!).

If you have had procedures done, find out how much cervix was taken away as you may also need a stitch put in to help keep the baby in :)

Any questions please get in touch, good luck with TTC.

Trudy xx


trudes's story has something to say about your sicknesses ....and i like it